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Posted by Crewman Octavia Raain (Medical Student) in Side Sim: Lounge (Open for all)
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It had been a couple of days now since they had boarded the new ship and Ria was slowly beginning to settle in. She was still feeling rather uncomfortable because of her behaviour during the fungus incident, even though she knew that none of that was actually her fault. Between that, her shyness and her anxiety she wanted to do nothing but hide in the labs, or in her quarters when she was off duty. Yet that was exactly why she had come here after her shift had ended: To stop hiding and face her fears. That was also why she came here on her own. For as much as she would love to have Achilleas at her side, she felt like she needed to at least enter the Lounge on her own.

So here she stood. Just outside the reach of the door sensor. Inhaling deeply and holding her breath, Ria took the final step forward and then forced herself to keep walking. Looking around, she spotted an empty table in front of the widows. After a short detour past the replicators, she headed straight for that table and sat down. With her head bowed, she glanced shyly around; both hoping that someone would join her and hoping that nobody would.

~Ensign Iyun, Scientist

Her silent hopes for someone to join her came in the small form of Octavia Raain the ships resident Medical student and voluntold joined Trill. “Excuse me Ma’am can I sit here?” The table the Ensign had sat at was Govens favourite, he used to try and sit there every meal and that had imprinted on Octavia. She was between lessons and really couldn’t deal with the headache of suppressing his memories and thoughts. In her hands was a tray of food, some PaDDs and a drink of some odd green gloop. She smiled again and placed the tray on the table sitting down anyway. Damn Goven!

  • Crewman Octavia Raain.

“Of course,” Ria replied with a shy smile and then dropped her gaze quickly again. Even at the best of times she never really knew how to interact with people and lately she had struggled with that even more than before. So she hoped that the other woman would say something lest this be a rather awkward situation.

~Ensign Iyun, Scientist

Sitting down Octavia looked down to her plate and then back to the woman, she wouldn’t consider herself a terribly outgoing person but she could see when someone was perhaps a little shy. “Thankyou for letting me sit with you, I’m Octavia Raain, I just transferred here permanently as medical student.” She took a bite of her sandwich, a chicken, bacon and sweetcorn filled one. The woman in front of Octavia had dark brown hair with streaks of auburn which at the moment covered Octavia’s view of the woman’s face and eyes but from what she had seen when she looked up her skin was golden and her eyes looked brown.

  • Crewman Octavia Raain

Suddenly, at the side of the table appeared another woman. She was dressed in a security uniform. Her blonde hair was cut into a short bob, revealing her pointed ears. Her dark eyebrows were slanted sharply, and her eyes were a pale blue. Despite her uniform, her physical features were muscular and strong.

“Hello,” Duvosa said. “I would like to join you.” Without waiting for a response, Duvosa sat in the chair next to Ria. She looked over at Octavia. “I am Duvosa.”

-Duvosa, Sec

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