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NE MacGuffin was in awe at the new communications display on the brand new, recommissioned Ogawa. Her hands ran over the controls with the fondness of a new mother or a child with a new teddy bear. However, it was only a few moments later when the alert popped up. Tapping it she squinted before looking back up to whoever had the con. “It seems we have a priority message from one Admiral Maxwell Jackson with the… this is odd. Federation Office of Communications?” She looked back down then back up, “The PR department wants a word with the Captain.”

GM Wombat

Willow stood, new uniform crisp and polished boots, her red hair pulled back into a pony tail. Her position was slightly off from the Center of the bridge, her hands on her hips. This was a position she had stood at a few times since coming onboard. From it she could survey the bridge and see it all. A much better vantage point than her chair. She glanced at the chair now and felt the corner of her mouth turn up at the ornate crown that sat on its back.

Hearing the discussion Willow turned her attention to communications. “Problem ensign?” She asked as she approached.

Willow Taylor

“No, no, Ma’am. Call for you from Admiral Jackson. Shall I patch it through here or to your Ready Room?” the ensign asked slightly nervous.

GM Wombat

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