Secondary Sickbay - A New Start

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Alexis eyes kind of lit up at the mention of medical journals. “What do you think of Dr. Phynerious’ work on resetting the brain of newborns after acute trauma at birth? The idea of cool, almost freezing the body, to reset the brain?” (OOC so this is not a new concept, it is a current thing, but for the sake of the thread....)
Lt Bonner, AMO

The EMH opened its mouth to answer when…

She considered what the AMO had asked the ships AI and shook her head, before looking down to the floor, her glasses falling slightly and she pushed them up with her index finger before walking past and quickly muttering quickly, “It wouldn’t work, humanoid cells slow when introduced to cold even freezing temperatures which is why we use them to prolong life meaning that the idea of resetting a brain would require the opposite heat but since to much heat would also have a terrible effect they would have to use electricity or at the very most a chemical that would hyper intensify the brains electrons and neurons to activate, or something like that” It was her own hypothesis, made from many different readings of texts and papers from other doctors but it was as educated one as a medical student could make.

  • Crewman Octavia Raain

“Hello Octavia. Actually it is a form of treatment centuries old. It was used to midagate brain damage in new borns whose brains were oxygen deprived at birth-Hypoxic Ischaemic Brain Injury. The idea worked similar to rebooting a computer. Slowing the brain functions and allowing the body to naturally reassign functions to healthy parts of the brain as the body is rewarmed.” Alexis picked up a PaDD and sent over several articles. “New research is being done to see if the technique can be used in different scenarios.” Alexis turned to carry blankets and gowns to store under the far biobeds. “This is, for right now, Dr. Max our EMH, at least in secondary Sickbay.” She waved over at the EMH standing in the middle of the room. “What can I do for you?”
Lt Bonner, AMO

So many new spaces and people to visit, but Dira was working her way through a mental checklist. Stepping into the second or their large medical facilities, the XO (in her new uniform) wandered in. Having spent so many hours on the starbase dealing with things in an urgent capacity it felt nice to just stroll a little. Her mass of tight curls was pulled off her face with a discreet band of fabric and her dark eyes took in the scene. She spotted Bonner, but saw her conversing with someone else and didn’t want to intrude, so the telepath simply took a quiet walk around the space.

Commander Myqian, XO

Bonner looked up and smiled. She was always happy to have anyone visit her medbay. My med bay…well it is, Dr Walker said so. I will never get used to that. Well maybe I will, and she grinned. Alexis knew from ship’s records that the XO was a telepath and though she was not uncomfortable around telepaths as a rule, but her experiences with Ever always seemed to cause an uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach every time she met a telepath for the first time. She knew it was all on her and something she worked very hard to correct. She’d been doing very well until she’d run into Ever again on the star base. Alexis was glad that she hadn’t joined the crew on the new Ogawa. “Welcome to secondary sickbay, Commander. Is there anything I can do for you?” Alexis was always eager to help anyone who needed it. She also figured it might be an informal inspection. She grabbed a stack of tricorders that had been placed under the very back biobed and moved them to the storage locker at the front of the med bay.
Lt. Bonner, AMO

Myqian gave a warm smile in Alexis’ direction, glad to have another opportunity to meet given their only conversation had been at the airlock when Boner had arrived. “Just poking about and trying to not be a nuisance, but I was curious to see these spaces with staff actually in them,” she said with a light laugh.

Commander Myqian, XO

“Well welcome to secondary sickbay. At the moment, Doc Max here,” she waved at the EMH, “and I are trying to organize the supplies that were…just shoved into any space they would fit.” She continued to move around putting things away. Alexis couldn’t stand to be idle. She had to be working on something, her mind didn’t allow for ‘down time’ as it were. “We were also discussing the latest medical journals and research.”

The EMH raised a hand and gave a small wave. A totally natural thing. He then lowered it slightly and looked confusedly at it as if the gesture had been involuntary. He shook his head and moved some more equipment.

Alexis grinned slightly. The EMH looked almost…self-conscious. She understood the feeling, wondering if an action was the correct one…no wait, he was an EMH there was no emotion there. Perhaps just an unexpected response of his..not its..program.

Octavia had stood and waited, she recognised the executive officer and didn’t want to see the very thing she was also trying not to be. A Nuisance. It amused her how people reacted when senior officer arrived, the lieutenant had changed and started to ‘look busy’ whereas she just stood there watching and listening like a third wheel. She’d even forgotten what had brought her to the secondary sickbay anyway and was looking around hoping something would prompt her memory.

  • Crewman Octavia Raain

“What can I do for you Octavia? I heard you are applying to be a resident student.” Alexis commented as she moved around. She stopped getting a drink from the replicator. “Anyone want anything?” A couple NE nurses finally showed up and Alexis put them to work organizing and storing the medications.
Lt. Bonner, AMO

The young Trill smiled politely, “Its ok I can wait.” Octavia decided to wonder and look at the different utilities the sickbay offered, she was only there to ask about people who could teach her and if she could have a shift in the sickbay during the periods she wasn’t studying or in classes so whatever the Commander had going on was probably more important anyway.

Dr Max had passed his boxes to another NE who entered. He gave each one the same wave and then had the same confused expression looking at his hand. “Hello, I’m Doctor Max, your Secondary suite emergency medical hologram please tell me if you are in need to emergency treatment.” he seemed to turn sheepish. “I am moving boxes…right now.” he said.

Dr Max

Alexis grinned, he was so sincere, and confused. It was cute. No…no it was a program. “It’s okay Dr. Max. Think of it this way, if something ever happens and you are alone here, your program needs to know how to not just conduct medical procedures, but maintain the med bay as well. And since you are helping put things away at the beginning, the locations of all the equipment will already be in your program.” She passed him a box of surgical equipment. “Let’s get these separated out into sets for the different suites, and have the NEs put them away.” She turned to Octavia, “Do you know how to calibrate a tricorder?”

On another biobed she set out several empty medkit containers and boxes of equipment on the adjacent one. She glanced at Commander Myqian, a mild question on her gaze, if the XO cared to help, or needed something else from Alexis. “Dr. Max, care to help me over here?” Alexis for her part was running diagnostics on each bio bed while she did the other. She really didn’t know how to NOT work. She sipped from her coffee as she moved back and forth around the room.
Lt Bonner, AMO

On the starbase it had been a bit different, easier even, to settle into her new role. But here she was on the new ship and everyone suddenly had most of what they needed and there was less, or at least very different sorts of things to coordinate. And if there was anything she knew form her years of working on starships, it was to never interfere with how a doctor in charge was organizing their space, the systems they had put or were putting in place or their interactions with others in a professional capacity unless needed. So, seeing everything was well in order, Myqian finished her brief walk about and gave Bonner and Octavia a smile. “Well, I’ll let you carry on. Just send word my way if we’re missing supplies or something isn’t as it should be,” she said warmly.

Commander Myqian, XO

Alexis nodded politely to the XO as she left, “Thank you Cmdr. I will, but hopefully we aren’t missing anything,” and continued with her work. The sooner this was done, with the putting away for equipment, the sooner diagnostics could get into full swing. “So tell me Dr. Max, what do you think of Dr. Phynerious’ work?” Returning to the topic they had been discussing before the XO arrived.
Lt. Bonner, AMO

Octavia continued to wonder, she wasn’t left entirely to her own thoughts she always had Raain to keep her company sharing memories with one another. One that was particularly fun to remember was when she was younger, well younger than she was no and playing with a horse like animal on Trill. She had found it on one of her adventurous and had found a rock carrot to feed it which meant she could pet it, the thing she remembered most was her father coming up the hill to find her curled up with the horse as it gently nibbled on her hair. Her mother was devastated that her hair was mangled, chewed and filled with horse saliva. Octavia thought it was great!

  • Crewman Octavia Raain

The EMH looked ponderous as he came to help. “I have found the work fascinating. It links back to some early Earth programs and a few andorian ones.” He commented.

Dr Max


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