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“When’s the last of the crew due to arrive?” Dira asked. That would give them an estimate as to the earliest they could expect a their first assignment. After all, check-ins had to happen and there was a lot to coordinate in terms of team management and duty rosters and the like.

Commander Myqian, XO

Ensign Charlie was typing away. “All new new are expected to arrive by 0900 tomorrow morning, checks in by 0930 though there seems to be an issue with a giant mutated venus fly trap that we aren’t sure if we can accommodate due to health and safety and the fact it started to sing show tunes on the transport over”

Willow made a sort of choking sound into her drink and became very interested in looking elsewhere in the room.

Willow and Charlie

Matt looked up from his rum and coke with interest. “Singing show tunes? Is there a large enough hall to place that in to entertain the crew? Maybe I could take it back with me to Command and see if it will eat any of the admiralty.”

Fleet Captain Matt Evans

The AEDir stopped working away on his padd and looked up suddenly.
“Seymour, its name is Seymour Audrey II,” Russell commented, “and yes, a few of those Admirals could do with a nip or two.”

Russell returned back to his work, another new ship spec came in for review, the Duke Class, and the Moscow class needed to be returned to the designers for the prototypes to be improved upon … Just how did these designers get the time for such things.

  • Fleet Captain Russell Watt, AEDir

Dira went to say something and just held her mouth open for a moment before promptly shutting it. She shook her head. “Anything else on the list of things to look in to or be mindful of before we get new orders?”

Commander Myqian, XO

Ensign Charlie began explaining what seemed a rather long list of things she thought was important. Willow stared at the woman as she listed the fact she had recordered socks for everyone. When she was done she stood beaming.

“Ah…thank you…Ensign Charlie.” The captain said and dark some of her drink. “So when can we get launched.”

Willow Taylor


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