Primary Sickbay - Popping the Bubble Wrap

Posted Feb. 28, 2021, 10:54 p.m. by Commander Brad Walker (Chief Of Staff/Second Officer) (Brandon Irvine)

Posted by GALEN (AI) in Primary Sickbay - Popping the Bubble Wrap

Posted by Commander Brad Walker (Chief Of Staff/Second Officer) in Primary Sickbay - Popping the Bubble Wrap

GALEN was quiet a moment. =^= I am sorry. I have made the update. The Nightingale has a lot of things for you to “play with” we use independent environmental systems to eliminate the risk of ship-wide contamination. Primary medical features two access points (port and stern) with the aseptic entry lobbies we discussed. There are central controlled section isolation doors and holo-emitters for the usage of the Medical Hologram System we are also equipped with biohazard support, a radiation treatment ward, surgical and regular ICU wards, critical care, null-gravity treatment, isolation suites and dedicated surgical suites. It also hosts both a General Care and Obstetrics area.
The total bed capacity for the suite is 200. Also in addition to typical ICU beds, the regular ICU also includes completely quarantined units, capable of supporting class M or K environments, temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Celsius to 100 degrees Celsius, and providing over a dozen different possible atmospheres. The Convalescent/Recovery Ward is also located here. Primary also contains your office and a medical staff ready room alongside their small personal laboratory, the Head Nurses Office and nursing station alongside a Reception Centre/Waiting Area.

Deck 6 hosts a Dental Suite to round out the Primary Medical Centre. Also adjacent are extensive medical research, biochemical and analysis labs. The Morgue and Cryogenic Stasis labs also are located in this area. A dedicated Psychiatry and Counselling Suite is located on Deck 7 to create a more comprehensive medical treatment environment.=^=

The computer seemed to pause, =^= I can give you more details on each section. The Convalescence/ Recovery Ward area is for patients who have received treatment, or require overnight treatment and/or monitoring. This is also where non-critical patients are placed after surgery. Each space includes overhead monitors, sanitized pillows and sheets for each bed, one replicator, and a supply storage cabinet close by. The General Care area is for general treatment including basic injuries, physicals, common diseases, and anything else that doesn’t look to be particularly life-threatening or contagious. In Intensive Care Unit / Surgical Intensive Care Unit Each biobed is rigged for continuous 3-dimensional scanning and monitoring of the patient. It includes a computer link-up to an alarm system programmed to react and respond to the patient’s life-signs with adjustable acceptable parameters. An unstable reading or life sign will result in a “Code Blue” alarm and engage code blue protocols. At this time the computer will auto engage digital resuscitation and life support until a medical officer is present. If one does not respond within an acceptable time frame, normally 2/3 minutes the EMH programme will respond. Secondary medical suite has been updated to indicate this sooner. Would you like to also include what I for primary? Each area also includes one replicator, additional life support hardware for each bed and back-up battery power. The Medlabs Includes one replicator, material diagnostics stations, a centrifuge, gene analysis terminal, stasis field drawers for storage of biological samples. The Surgical Suites along with the usual surgical tools, includes a surgical frame biobed complete with mobile life support equipment, atmospheric isolation systems, and scanning/monitoring readout station. The room also has access to a small replicator designed for pharmaceuticals, equipment or other materials such as replacement organs or blood. The morgue contains stasis field storage slots for several bodies, a table for post-mortem examinations rigged for continuous 3-dimensional scanning and monitoring of the corpse and aseptic entries. The Dental Suite is designed in greys and blacks it is a more muted copy of the Psychiatric Suite. Four closed offices with dental chairs and individual replicators encircle a computer-operated reception centre/waiting area. It is staffed by a holo reception remember. In this case by ALBERT.

Of course there is also me. GALEN. The interface system for the Nightingale is a customised specific AI System, I am designed to monitor the status of all medical systems and patients onboard. And also provide faster branch prediction and analysis for medical and scientific operations. I am designed specifically with a medical ship in mind and contain vast databases of medical knowledge for hundreds of species. I am a learning AI to allow for automatic user experience customisation, including automated scheduling updates, workflow design, crew collaboration planning, patient care coordination, specified alert scheduling and automation, and personal environmental setups including temperature, gravity level, and ambient sound.

In addition all medical and mental health areas have the ability to use patient tracking wristbands that are linked to my interface. This allows medical and mental health staff to locate patients who are not crewmembers (and therefore not necessarily in the ship’s record), as well as their vitals so that a quick response can be ensured in the event of an emergency.

Finally in terms of Holographic Systems The Nightingale Class carries three medical holographic programs and two reception holographic programs, for a total of 5 programs. Three Duty Medical Holographic crew programs are available: two of the longer term Mark II (LMH) programmed to serve in the primary medical suite. Each programme has two serving interfaces. The holo medical crew is programmed with all current medical knowledge and the ability to adapt to situations as required. Additionally, they can take on any medical role as required by the ship/facility. We also have holo-emitters in every area of the ship, allowing the medical programs to venture outside of the medical areas to treat the wounded more efficiently. The medical research labs are also equipped with a holographic display column to allow for scalable visualization for research and exploratory surgery. The display can be tied directly into any medical sensors in the Medical Center, including the biobeds and ICU ward. =^=

The computer thankfully paused. =^= Is this enough for you to play with?=^=

“Yeah, plenty,” Brad said. Truthfully, more than he had ever been in charge of by himself. The biggest Starship Sickbay he’d ever commanded had been the old Vanguard, a Maverick-class with 50 beds, and that had been nearly 15 years ago now. Just the primary sickbay here was four times that, and had a capacity of five times the entire crew complement of the old Owie.

“Reduce the EMH response time to one minute for Code Blue alerts, a space this big we should definitely have enough crew available on all shifts to respond within that time unless the entire Ward is coding.”


Cmdr. Dr. Brad Walker
Chief of Staff
OOC: Alexis did the Same thing with the code blue timer.
Lt Bonner

=^= Understood. Time changed. I do not understand what sort of circumstances would allow for such an event to occur. Shall I do a drop database search for entire wards coding and inform you of the results?=^= GALEN responded.


“I doubt you’ll find any instances of it ever actually happening, but I can think of a good half-dozen ways it could,” Brad said. “Do you have a visual representation you can display, or are you a voice only?”

Cmdr Dr. Brad Walker
Chief of Staff

GALEN seemed to ponder this if w computer did ponder. =^= I am the ships computer AI system. My Name is GALEN. I am afraid I’m not able to appear before you Doctor Walker.=^= that would be a no then.


Brad frowned slightly. ‘Engineers,’ he thought to himself. “Alright, we’ll do this via audio then. Can you give me a tour of this place?” he said, gesturing with his arms to encompass the entire expansive Primary Medical. “Starting with this ward, and ending with my office.”

Cmdr. Dr. Brad Walker
Chief of Staff

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