The Dulcet Tones of Audrey II - The Arboretum

Posted March 2, 2021, 12:21 a.m. by Audrey II (Plant/Philosopher/Groovy Chick) (Russell Watt)

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As the crew settled in to the Ogawa, the last thing any of them necessarily expected was for the ship to be filled with music and then a voice.

=/\= “Good morning you fine folk of the USS Ogawa, does this ship rock or what? My name Audrey II, I’m a Venus Flytrap by species and I just love me a good old fashioned show tune. And I am here to put your minds at ease while you go about your daily duties on board the USS Ogawa. As we’re starting our journey together on the Ogawa, my first number is a catchy little tune from 21st Century Earth, from a tv show documentary called Scrubs. I tell you medicine has improved over the years if that was what it was like back then. I’ve modified some of the words, but please join in if you know any of them, =/\=

Hello, I’m Audrey II, I’m delighted that you’re here
You’re a doctor, red shirt, scientist or perhaps an engineer
Whatever your training … we are overjoyed to have ya!
On behalf of your crewmates…Welcome to the Ogawa!

Our facilities are excellent! You couldn’t ask for more
For relaxation there’s a holodeck on deck four
Willow Taylor is your captain, she cosplays as a Panda
And I’m a venus flytrap – the singing plant of the Ogawa!

You say you burned your hand real bad – we’ll fix you up with ease
Perhaps you need a tooth pulled out – or wanna stop an alien sneeze
You were almost eaten by a nut on an away mission?
I swear
The crew won’t judge you here on the Oga …
Here on the Oga …
Here on the Ogawa!

One more thing that I should mention, if what I’ve heard is true
And the ship specs are cutting edge and brand new
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
The mission’s very serious! And we’d better start!

‘Cause if you hear me singing, you belong on the Ogawa
Doctors! Nurses! Patients! Dead guys!
Welcome to the Ogawa!”

Then the music fades to nothing ness, and Ogawa tails the song with =/\= I’m in the Arboretum on deck 9A and I love to eat new species of insects, discussing philosophy, show tunes and to photosynthesise. Don’t be a stranger, and come visit me, I can’t come to you. Signing out until next time, this is Audrey II =/\=

Ooc: this is amazing Russ thank you - Calé

My pleasure Calé

Oh and Audrey II is now an unrostered character on this here ship, thanks to Calé. if you want the full quirkiness that is Audrey II.

Audrey II; Plant/Philosopher/Groovy Chick

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