[Open] Pearly Whites, Dental Suite

Posted March 2, 2021, 8:25 a.m. by Crewman Octavia Raain (Medical Student) (J Ridgley)

Posted by Civilian Cai Taylor (Captain’s Brother) in [Open] Pearly Whites, Dental Suite

Posted by Crewman Octavia Raain (Medical Student) in [Open] Pearly Whites, Dental Suite

Posted by Civilian Cai Taylor (Captain’s Brother) in [Open] Pearly Whites, Dental Suite
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Octavia was familiarising herself with the whole ship, something she wanted to do and agreed to do with the Captain given that she was going to spend the rest of her residency here studying and becoming a doctor. She hadn’t picked her specialisation yet and each department offered its own pros and cons. This journey delivered her to the Dental suite, she wasn’t looking for anyone in particular but she was looking to get her teeth checkup done and to find out information about dentists in general.

  • Crewman Octavia Raain

In the dental suite the reception hologram ALBERT was in full vigor talking to a teenage boy who looked roughly about 17, he wore black trousers, a vibrant purple hoodie and had electric blue hair. He seemed to be arguing about the black metal clip ring he wore with the hologram.

The teen Trill watched for a while, the boy looked about his age though his eccentric appearance called into question a few of his life choices, still she couldn’t help but see the appeal and she liked the electric blue hair even if it did clash with the purple hoodie. Octavia self consciously looked at her own apparel which was in the form of some black ripped jeans and a shirt that said: “Its a good day too…”. Her hair was down for a change and partially hid her face and he now fake glasses. Being joined came with the perk of gaining her eyesight back but the idea of not wearing glasses annoyed her so she had replicated some with glass lenses. The final article of clothing that finished her look was a light blue hoodie wrapped around her waist.

The receptionist itself appeared to be an older man with white hair and grey bushy sideburns. He had a face that always looked grumpy. And a cockney style accent. “Yeah well the mast…i mean the Dcotor won’t be able to see to you if you’re face is full of metal. Unatural things so take it off and sit down already your crowding up my reception desk.” he made an impatient wave of his hands then acknowledged Octavia.

“Excuse me sir,” She said with a cough her voice a little louder than she usually would raise it to gain his attention away from the boy, she had to agree with the unnatural comment, she couldn’t imagine having any piercing or tattoos especially since she already stood out enough with her spots.

“Yes my lovely, what can I help you with? Hav’ an appointment do ya?” he smiled.

“Urm no scheduled but I am due a check-up I’ve also just become a resident student here and was looking for some guidance in dental studies. I haven’t chosen a speciality yet and need to decide soon and figured where better to see what dentistry is like than the dentist” She gave a smile, trying to avoid eye contact with the boy. It was bad enough that she was dealing with becoming joined, she really didn’t need boy drama.

The boy scowled and turned to look at Octavia then slouched off to the waiting area nearby.


Giving him a sidewards glance she then looked to the older man. “Are you able to fit me in or should I come back again?” She looked over her shoulder again, “it seems you have your hands full already.” Octavia was hoping to be seen today, her time and options were running out and she needed to present the Captain with a short list of studies and while dentistry wasn’t going to be in the top 2 she was considering it as number 3.

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The holographic receptionist smiled “oh yes we gave time to fit you in. Don’t you worry yer pretty head about that.” He gave a mild chuckle as if he found something funny, “ you just go on an’ Hav’ a seat my love. I’ll get the Mast…I mean the Doctor to see you soon.” He busied himself with his computer.

“Ermn, Thanks” She said a little nervous and wondered how many words started with Mast that the holographic receptionist was going to stay. Smiling anyway and turning to where she indicated she sat down, there was only one other person a boy about her age. who’s body language didn’t invite conversation, she starred for a moment and when he looked up she looked away.

At the waiting area, the boy turned to look at the newcomer again. “You new?” He asked eventually. A metal band ran around the middle of his teeth and he seemed grumpy by his body language and tone.


Octavia looked back to the boy, she made out the tell tale signs of braces something she was familiar with, she had braces when she was younger and now her teeth were all straight and where they should be. Running her tongue along them with her mouth closed she could feel the smoothness of their surface, “Yeah, well kind off I’ve been here a few weeks but just joined the crew because of… well yeah” She said biting the inside of her cheek nervously. Even from the seated position they were in she could tell he was taller than her, she wasn’t sure what it was about him but she found herself a little intimidated. “My names Octavia>” She said finally.

  • Octavia Raain

Cai pushed his hair out of his eyes and chewed his lip ring a moment. “I’m Cai. Nice to meet you. Don’t be scared of the dentist. Dr Black is nice enough. Just don’t stare at his face too long you’ll get freaked.” He said with a small smile.


“Its nice to meet you to Cai” She smiled wondering why she would be scared of the Dentist and then said as much. “Oh I’m not scared, I just never liked having someone prod and touch my mouth” She shrugged, “Whats wrong with his face?” She asked curiously, maybe he wasn’t human or had some sort of deformation either way Cai had peeked her interest.

  • Crewman Octavia Raain

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