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Dira gazed down at the tribble in her hands and shook her head. “An odd gift to be sure, but not the oddest I’ve been given,” she said with a lopsided grin.She leaned in towards Willow. “Shall we?” she said with a gesture of her head, ready to step onto the new ship together with Taylor. It was definitely a good begnning.

Commander Myqian, XO

Willow petted the new fuzzy creature in her hands and smiled at the purring it made. “Definately.” she said and moved towards the docking port and the ship. “Im so excited think I might burst..” she said to Dira conversationally as she walked and then stooped. Just on the threshold where the strangely slightly greater looking carpet and walls of the starbase met the very new looking ones of the ship. She closed her eyes, took a breath and stepped over and in. There she stayed, eyes closed for a few moments then turned to grin at her XO.

“Right where first?” she asked.

Willow Taylor
Over excited Co

Dira grinned widely. “Well, I’d say medical facilities but that includes so much of the ship, the obvious answer of course, is the bridge.” Walking straight ahead, neutered tribble in hand.” Come on Willow, destiny awauts,” she said brightly, walking backwards towards the tubrolift.

Commander Myqian, XO

Willow chuckled and wandered after the woman. Absently she ran the hand not carrying the tribble along the wall as they walked. Finger tips just brushing the surface. It was so…new and just gorgeous and while she knew hundreds of people had walked this corridor before it felt almost as if she were the first and this was all for her alone.

As they reached the turbo lift Willow said. “I call dibs on the big chair.”

Willow Taylor

Dira grinned.”Naturally,” she said as the stepped into the open lift. “Bridge,” she called out, realizing that that was the first time she had said those words as an executive officer.

As the lift reached the bridge, Dira gestured for Willow to exit first.

The new bridge was so lovely and perfectly new and upon a very special request was outfitted with the same crown that Willow had been sporting about he starbase. It rested regally on the seat of the command chair.

Commander Myqian, XO

Willow stepped onto the new bridge, she bounced ever so slightly on the balls of her feet, lifting her heels and feeling the new carpet under her boots. She had held a soft spot for the bridge of the mccoy class ever since she had stood on the original ogawa as a junior grade lieutenant and medical officer. She had loved that ship more than she could put into words. She had loved her first command in a way that was almost cutting to have had to give it up and then the ogawa A....But this. This was something entirely different.

Oblivious to the presence of her exec, or anyone else, she moved to the command chair, fingers once more trailing across surfaces. She was a fairly tactile person and seemed unable to keep her hands to herself. She approached the chair, and the colour came flooding up to her face as she saw the crown resting in place. She spun a mixed look of horror and embarrassment crossing her features. The kind of look one who has been mocked in the last and isn’t sure if this sort of joke is in fun or not.

Dira watched carefully, not wanting this to go badly. It wasn’t meant to be cruel, but after everything that had happened recently, she had hoped being able to laugh at themselves a little would go a long way towards settling in on the new ship.

Spinning she glanced around at those present then back again. Slowly, She placed her tribble down on her seat and picked up the crown with both hands. Held it for a few moments and started to laugh.

“Your doing I take it.” She said over her shoulder to Dira, her shoulders shaking. “You’re never going to let me live that down are you?”

Myqian let out a laugh. “I’m quite happy to let it be, but I felt we needed a moment here to be silly, lest we take ourselves too seriously on this pretty shiny new ship of ours.”

As she calmed she gave a resolved nod. “Fair enough.” Placing the crown over her hair she gave it a prod into a slightly jaunty angle. “You can call me captain but I will also answer to your majesty.”

Willow Taylor

The carpet was fresh in a way that the previous ship’s had not been. Even though people had stepped all over the carpets on the new ship, the fibers were still so new that no amount of weight would bear them down. The Turbolift was surprisingly sooth, though it should not have been a shock to Zoi. Even though everything was new on this ship, she had served on so many older ships, that new seemed a bit alien.

Zoi entered the Bridge just as Taylor put on the crown and laughed. “Well, I didn’t expect to see that, but I am glad you are taking so well to your queenly role Captain.” She didn’t mind that other people were on the Bridge, especially the Captain and the XO who had every right to be here first. She smiled warmly at Dira before stepping over to the tactical station and grazed her fingers over the flat surface of the displays, careful not to do anything to disturb any settings.... or you know… torpedos.

Haven, CoS

Dira let her gaze linger on Zoi, meeting her smile with a warm one of her own before casually gesturing to the centre chair and returning her gaze to Willow. “Well? Ready? Let’s try them out.”

Commander Myqian, XO

Willow chuckled as Zoi commented. “I’m taking a lesson in not taking myself too seriously Lieutenant.” She said and grinned at Dira. Turning back to the chair she quietly moved the small tribble again and settled into it. The seat was firm but comfortable and she relished in the feeling of sitting in it as the ships first commanding officer. This was her seat. Made for her even if there were other ships of the class out there eventually this moment was all she cared about.

“Oh I could get used to this…” she said to Dira, padding the arms in a very cat like manner

“So what do you think of the new digs?” She asked Zoi looking over at tactical.

Willow Taylor

She had to smile at Captain Taylor enjoying her new seat. Her position was a weighty one, even if she herself was not. A comfortable seat should be one of the first things Star Fleet should provide for captains. And she was glad that the captain was endeavoring to take herself less seriously. Zoi looked up as she realized the question was meant for her and let her eyes wander the space of the new bridge once more. It was regulation Star Fleet in color scheme but the styling was more modern and it felt more sleek and efficient. Her grin only widened. “I can imagine getting into quite a lot of trouble on this ship, can’t you?”

Haven, CoS

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