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Finally they were on board the Ogawa, and Alexis was in love. The medical facilities were all state of the art and secondary sickbay was hers and she was enjoying the challenge of being AMO more here on Ogawa than she had on the starbase. That was probably because there were too many chiefs in the kitchen on the starbase. But with all the craziness she hadn’t finished her check in appointments. So setting the example for her staff Alexis arrived on the psychiatry deck and approached the holographic receptionist. “Lt Bonner, I have an appointment with Dr Grayson.”
Lt Bonner, AMO

As if on cue, the doors to a nearby office hissed open and Mariah emerged with a young crewman. Offering a smile, she offered, “See you next week.” As she watched the crewman depart, a familiar face caught her eye. “Doctor Bonner, it’s good to see you. Care to step into my lair?” she asked, a twinkle in her eye.

~Doctor Mariah Grayson, Psychiatrist

The slightly matronly holographic receptionist looked up from her knitting and smiled kindly at the Lt. She had a motherly face and a bright sparkle to her eyes. If the Lt. hadn’t know she was holographic she would have been hard pressed to guess it. “Dr. Grayson is running just a hair behind schedule but I will let her know you are here.” She gestured toward the chairs to one side. “Why don’t you have a seat. She shouldn’t be much more than 5 minutes.” With another smile she returned to knitting what appeared to be an old fashioned winter scarf out of pastel shades of blue and green fluffy yarn.

Holographic Receptionist “Heather”
Primary Psych Suites

Alexis smiled, “Thank you,” she looked at the name plate on the desk, “Heather.” She turned and took a seat. She understood how appointments ran over and how things happened. She was more than willing to wait.
Lt. Bonner, AMO

Alexis looked up with a slight smile. “Dr Grayson, I would be happy too.” She waited for the young officer to finish what she needed to do and then she stood up and walked toward the office door and then inside. “How are you today, Dr?”
Lt Bonner, AMO

“I’m well, thank you,” Mariah replied with a smile, leading the way in to her office. It was nice to be meeting him like this, having already had an acquaintance type relationship with her. Although she routinely interacted with people in session that she didn’t know well beforehand, just like with anyone else, it was nice to have a certain level of rapport ahead of time. “Please, feel free to make yourself comfortable,” she said, gesturing to any number of possible chairs. “May I get you something from the replicator?”

~Dr. Mariah Grayson, Psychiatrist

Alexis took a seat, “Just ice water please. I think I’ve had too much coffee the last few days. I drink it and I’m still tired.” She looked around the office, took a deep breath and with the roll of her shoulders relaxed. No medical reports or calls to answer right now.
Lt Bonner, AMO

“Water coming right up.” It didn’t take long to meet the request and in the meantime, Mariah took note of Alexis’ words and demeanor, the fatigue fully evident. Mariah could understand it, but had the task of teasing out what was temporary versus something that needed intervention. “Sounds like a a mini break is in order.”

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~Dr. Mariah Grayson, Psychiatrist

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