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Posted April 10, 2021, 7:01 p.m. by Commander Brad Walker (Chief Of Staff/Second Officer) (Brandon Irvine)


Having stopped to check on something before their meeting, Dira stepped in. She might be new to her role as first officer but she was well used to these meetings and to running. At the moment, this was no different than she had done a hundred times in her twenty years as a psychiatrist. The difference being that her team was a larger mix of skill sets and training and she would be supporting Taylor in making critical decisions that would impact hundreds of people. No pressure.

Still, Myqian wore the weight of her role more easily than she had expected. If nothing else, she had a natural confidence that made it easier to walk into this room like she actually might know what she was doing.

Gravitating towards her own coffee she moved to her spot at the table to Willow’s left wishing for a moment that there was something stronger than caffeine on offer. “Morning all,” she greeted with a relaxed tone.

Commander Myqian, XO

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IC: “Morning, Commander,” Brad said.

Cmdr. Dr. Brad Walker
Chief of Staff

Willow nodded as each crew member entered in turn. “Good morning.” She said.

Once everyone was assembled Willow steepled her hands and said “Well, welcome. I hope everyone has managed to find their way around. Ensign Charlie would like you to let her know if you need anything further.” She cast a glance to the apparent Mary poppins of StarFleet. Charlie beamed at them all and went back to her PaDDs.

Willow looked back to the crew. “ I know we were hoping for something…exciting, for our first mission on our new ship. However we have been given a routine operation, medical in nature but with one small difference. The Ogawa has been declared new territory as far as starfleet command is concerned. They loved the Mccoy but they don’t know the Nightingale…so to remedy this they have decided we will play host to a camera crew who will be…documenting our mission. Command have asked us to ma things…interesting for them.”

There. She had said it. Now she waited for the reactions.

Willow Taylor

“I thought the soap opera adventure was over.” Drake blurted, upset. His job was to save lives, not create drama for people who lacked the talent to be in his position.

-Dr Drake Marshall

OOC: Ha, that was my exact reaction too!

IC: Brad’s jaw hung slightly open at that pronouncement. He thought he’d been in Starfleet long enough to inure himself against the idocy that came with gold trim on the uniform, but apparently that was as perpetual as the Earth’s orbit.

“And how exactly are we supposed to do that on a shakedown cruise?” he asked.

Cmdr. Dr. Brad Walker
Chief of Staff

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