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Most people who knew Oscar would have thought that his general impersonable nature would mean that he would shy away from any sort of filming. Honestly, the CPO was pretty sure he had overheard one of the production assistants mumble something about being “heavily warned” about Oscar. Of course, camera crews, especially news crews, had to maintain their reputation for being rude, intrusive, and quite capable of ignoring any and all instructions which told them that they should probably avoid doing something. And thus, the camera crew had come to find “the longest-serving non-commissioned member of the new Ogawa crew”. Oscar had a feeling that that was inaccurate, but if they were going to make him seem important, it was an even greater opportunity for him to ruin their day.

“Welcome to my new quarters!” he said as he opened the door and stepped aside so the crew could look in. The fact that there was an entire wall of storage was quite openly on display, including the various, intentionally random identity plates on the various points of access - PLT-007 (small precious metals in scrap form), FYEO-2224 (physical copies of declassified documents that he’d “acquired” for the fun of it), WNK-1976 (old, half-eaten candy pieces), just as a sampling - made it obvious that he wasn’t exactly the normal crew member. The isolation suit and the green everything tone of his body had already given that away, but that had only intrigued the camera crew more.

“As you can see, Starfleet has let me keep a lot of personal belongings over the years. You people wanted to see some stuff from my long career in Starfleet? Well, let me get out something that will really surprise you.”

With that, he went over to a case labeled FAB-0101 that was on the bottom row, entered a quick number sequence into the access panel, and smiled as it slid open. When it did, a full clothing rack slowly raised, and with it, some of the grimiest, smelliest uniforms that anyone had ever encountered since uniforms became standard practice aboard official vessels in any society from anywhere in the galaxy hanging on them.

“These are old duty uniforms that I just couldn’t bear to put in the replicator for atom reclamation.”

Noting the revulsion of a couple of the members of the camera crew, Oscar began to pull out his uniforms - from the full-torso color all the way to the last uniform change before the current iteration. They were torn, smelly, and a few were even discolored with substances even Oscar could no longer identify.

“I once offered to send them to the Starfleet History Museum on Alpha Centauri, but the curator there said that they already had a perfectly serviceable uniform display. I’ve seen it before - no character at all, like they were never even used. Ah well - I can keep them as memorabilia.”

Oscar kicked a side panel, and the uniforms lowered and retracted back into their alcove.

“So, anything else that you want to ask?”

Oscar Cascarrabias

Sena the Bolian reporter that had showed up at the door with a halo cam, basically a recording device that was worn like a pair of glasses, looked around and nodded as she took notes recording the interview. She was dumbfounded at first, not quite sure what to say before she eventually acquiesced. “Ah yes… Can you perhaps show the viewers around? Show us some details of the ship we might not know. Really dive deep into the engineering of it all.”

GM Wombat

Oscar nodded. “I’m not sure how much I can really show you, since I’m off duty, and I don’t actually work in my free hours, but, hey, you want to see a museum piece, let’s head to the other hull.”

And with that, Oscar started to walk out of the room.

|Main Engineering|
When Oscar walked into Engineering, he got some quizzical looks. Oscar looked at the nearest NE, who technically outranked him but obviously was more than willing to defer to somebody with far more experience.

“Camera crew. We’re supposed to show some reporters around the non-sensitive stuff on the ship,” Oscar said. “Okay, everybody, security mode on all consoles and panels, we’ve got a civilian in house!”

After what happened to the Enterprise-D, a lot of engineers had insisted on installing protocols to make sure that what happened on that Galaxy-class ship couldn’t happen anywhere else. Signal interruption, visual scattering, and symbol obstruction were quite useful. If only the Prometheus hadn’t had its protocols compromised, the Romulans would never have been able to hijack it. Once Oscar was certain that everyone was ready, he walked into the Engineering section.

“And this, if you would believe it, is the warp core. Somehow, this baby can push us to the same warp speeds as quite a few other ships in the fleet, even though it looks like we ripped it out of a ship from the Romulan War and just shoved it in because it’s what fits.”

Oscar Cascarrabias

Sena took furious notes as she scanned the room, eyes transfixed on the warp core for sometime before turning back to Oscar, “You.. don’t find the look of the warp core aesthetically pleasing? How would you have designed it differently?”

GM Wombat

“I don’t do design - that’s for higher ups. It’s just that vertical warp cores have been what we’ve been using since they retrofitted the Excelsior-class, and they were proven to be more efficient for a very long time. Suddenly, Starfleet Engineering gets this crazy idea in their head that they might be able to use the dilithium better if they try horizontal designs again, and so here we are. It’s not like they couldn’t have made a vertical core work in this rig - just look at the Intrepid-class.”

Oscar paused for a second.

“Honestly, though, since this ship warped here instead of being built on site, it’s not like it doesn’t perform as advertised - at least for now.”

Oscar Cascarrabias

Sena scribbled down more notes in her PaDD as she continued to follow Oscar around, hanging off of his every word. “Uh huh uh huh, Tell me more about the pros and cons of the…” She made a cross, “Up and down versus side ways. Tell me more about that.... What do you think the reason was? Is it just efficiency or is it also space savings?”

GM Wombat

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