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Posted by Gamemaster Wombat (Gamemaster) in Main Sim - Transporter Room 1

Posted by Gamemaster Wombat (Gamemaster) in Main Sim - Transporter Room 1
NE Jackson had the control duty that morning. It was a regular ship but the staff was already abuzz with the news that a documentary crew was coming, and coming was an understatement. The full complement was on the order of 20 people operating all manner of equipment and performing other tasks. It was going to be chaos for the next few days that was for sure but it sounded like it might be fun. Jackson really didn’t care, as they say, he worked for a living.

Soon the indicator went off, alerting the NE that the crew was ready to beam aboard. Transporter room 2 was handling the cargo transference so at least he didn’t have to worry about that. NE K’via, bless her heart, had to deal with that. With a tap of the board the shimmering sound started and the first six started to coalesce.

When the process stopped there, at the head was short man, maybe five two in his platform boots, with bleached blond hair, oversized sunglasses, and a flamboyant red and blue silk scarf around his neck. The rest of his body was covered in equally outlandish clothing of clashing patterns and colors. “Where is she!?” he demanded of the NE in an overly excited voice. “I want to see this angelic CO I have been promised!” While he was talking to the NE he snapped his fingers, “Boris, Svetlana. Start combing the halls looking for pretty people to interview. I want this to be glamorous! They didn’t ask us to do it for nothing!” Two strikingly similar humans of Russian decent nodded and started heading off towards the exit. “Sena, be a good girl and head over to engineering. I have heard of a so called green engineer. I want so much B roll we have nothing to worry about there. Perfect side show material!” The beleaguered Bolian nodded and gave a heavy sigh before grabbing her bag and wandering out.

With a sharp turn the short man turned back to Jackson, “Well!? Where is she?! Is she keeping me waiting?”

The ensign sighed and tapped his badge, =/\= NE Jackson to CO and XO. Our… Guests have arrived.=/\=

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Heavenly beings, it is said, appear in times of great turmoil or trouble. There Hellish counterparts often do the same. Into the room, in the Nick of time to prevent anyone leaving hopefully, strode not the short red haired captain but rather the long haired platinum blonde visage of Ensign Charlie. Her porcelain featured beamed a 1000 volt smile at the beamed aboard guests.

“Hi!” She said in such an upbeat tone that she seemed the dictionary definition of bubbly. “Welcome to the Ogawa, I’m Ensign Charlie, our Captain asked me to greet you, assist with any of your needs and ensure you were recognised by our computer system before you met with her. Is there anything you need right now?”

In response to Jackson’s comm Willows voice said. =^= Understood, please standby.=^=

Ens Charlie

“Golfink,” the short man said extending his hand palm down in a gesture seeming to indicate he was half expecting the ensign to kiss it. “I am hear to make you all look amazing. We are going to have to…” He looked at the Trill next to him, and motioned, “Pull her hair back. I want to see if she looks better with it pulled back… You know what? Just take over one of the cargo bays and get the stylists in there setting up. Make up for every one. EVERYONE!” He glanced around eagerly, “And see what you can do about this horrible lighting. It is so… Industrial.”

The woman nodded and sighed heavily taking notes and speaking with a couple of other staff next to her before leaving, with a long suffering roll of her eyes. Once she was gone the man continued with Charile, “That was Preem. Best assistant in the business. Can’t find them like her anymore. I don’t know what I would do with out her… Anyway what do you think of the Nightengale? Be honest with me. Just between you and I.”

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