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At this, the stern expression on Duvoa’s face seemed to ebb a little bit, and her lips curled up into a smile.

For some reason, Octavia felt as if she was being circled by some hunter and she was very much the prey.

“Yes,” She said, giving a nod and a raise of the eyebrows. “This is your first posting then? It is quite different than the days at the Academy.” She paused. Another good idea when getting to know someone was to ask questions, even though Duvosa typically skipped the questions and gathered the information she wanted by her own devices. However, in the spirit of cultivating better social skills, this was a good time for a question.

“I wouldn’t know, I’ve never been to the Academy.” She said simply and blushing, Octavia felt silly as if she was sitting at the Christmas table with the adults for the first time and didn’t have anything to contribute to the conversation but she had to be strong even if it was just face, ‘Time to wear you big girl pants Tavia’ She thought to herself.

“What was your area of study and specialty?” Duvosa asked, looking at Octavia as if she were interrogating the woman.

-Duvosa, Sec

Octavia could answer this in two ways one she could just says he was a medical student and she didn’t have one or she could lie! She decided to settle for a bit of both worlds, “Well I am still only a medical student but I am heavily swayed towards Immunology and Virology! Its something I’ve recently become interested in thanks to a mentor on the ship but I dont want to give all my latinum to one Ferengi so to speak.”

  • Crewman Octavia Raain

Hoping to find a place to relax and enjoy the hustle and bustle of life aboard the ship, Achilleas found himself entering the ship’s lounge and took a look around. He was dressed in casual clothes which consisted of jeans and a warm black hoodie. He blinked in surprise at finding Ria sat at a table with two other women. His first instinct was to go up and introduce himself to who he hoped was her soon to be friends, but resisted that initial impulse. He didn’t want her to feel like he was coddling her or that she had to spend all of her time with him. But upon a closer observation he could clearly see her unease and could tell that this was beyond her usual shyness.

So with a disarming smile he approached the table where the three sat with a slightly upraised hand in way of greeting. “I hope you don’t mind my interrupting. I just happened to come in to enjoy the atmosphere and saw Riani and just had to come say hello.”

CSO Petrakos

Octavia smiled needing a reason to perhaps distract her from the interrogation she was receiving, “Oh more the merrier!” She scooted over a little to give the new comber more room, When Octavia had sat down she had a full tray full of food but now it as mostly gone. “I’m Octavia Raain, Gee I wonder how many more times I’ll say that today” She giggled, “I’m also the Medical Student onboard.”

  • Crewman Octavia Raain

Looking up at Achilleas with a soft smile, Ria felt relief wash over her. She hoped that he’d sit down and that his company would help her feel a little more at ease. Of course she knew that she should be able to handle a situation like this on her own and that it shouldn’t make her feel uncomfortable in the first place. But she wasn’t and it did. So having Achilleas with her was very much appreciated.

~Ensign Iyun, Scientist

Achilleas pulled a chair up to the table and sat between Octavia and Riani. “Nice to meet you Octavia, I’m Achilleas. I’m the Chief Science Officer. I didn’t know we had any medical students on board but that makes sense considering the Ogawa is a medical cruiser. Great way to train the next generation of doctors.” As he spoke he offered his hand to Ria under the table if she wanted to hold it.

CSO Petrakos

“Well, it didn’t until recently, a last-minute change to my entire life made staying on the ship easier than returning home” She tried to sound positive about it and she was grateful for being allowed to remain on the ship but she still couldn’t hide the disappointment that she had been forced into joining with the Raain Symbiote. “Its nice to meet you” She added.

  • Crewman Octavia Raain, Medical Student

The moment she reached for Achilleas’ hand under the table, Ria felt herself relax a little as she sat there silently; happy to just listen to the others. She was grateful that he had joined them and she was also upset with herself for being apparently unable to handle even such a simple and small social gathering. Yet another thing to add to her seemingly endless list of things to work on.

~Ensign Iyun, Scientist

Achilleas squeezed Ria’s hand in encouragement as he quirked his head in confusion at Octavia. “I certainly don’t mean to pry but you sound… dissatisfied. Are you not staying with us by choice? Is the Captain somehow blackmailing you to remain aboard?” His imagination was running a bit amuck.

CSO Petrakos

Octavia laughed nervously shaking her head, “Oh no not like that actually that was my choice the one choice I actually got to make, I just recently become joined and I was lied to, it was only meant to be temporary but somehow there was a delay in the host’s arrival and now I am joined for good, till death do us part” She rolled her eyes, “Sorry I’m being a bit dramatic, or so Raain thinks.”

  • Crewman Octavia Raain, Med Studen

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