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Posted April 12, 2021, 11:41 p.m. by Lieutenant Elin Mairwen Howell (Chief of Psychiatry) (Amie Genest)

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Posted by Lieutenant Elin Mairwen Howell (Chief of Psychiatry) in Side Sim: Counselling Suite - Seeking Assistance

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“You have so much empathy towards others, I hope you will learn to turn some of it towards yourself. It is well that you are so forgiving of those who should have been there for you but now it is time for you to be there for yourself and to know that myself and many others are here for you too. Do you know much about the treatment for PTSD?

Lt. Elin Howell, COPsych

“Not in detail. I’m not a therapist after all. But I know that it’s mostly psychotherapy. And since PTSD often goes hand in hand with things as depression or anxiety, antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications are sometimes prescribed as well,” Aizala answered without hesitation before taking a sip of her tea. It was a mix of herbs from Bajor she found soothing, but also kept her alert and focused.

~Lt. Tija, Doctor (med leave)

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“Indeed. I like to steer away from the pharmaceutical side as much as possible but I will prescribe medication where necessary. Psychotherapy for PTSD can often be somewhat distressing, as it involves a fair amount of exploration of the events that led to it.” She paused for a moment to let Aizala absorb what she was hearing. “I’d like to start with weekly, or even twice a week sessions if you have the time. Right now my schedule is pretty open so why don’t you decide what days and times work for you and we will make a plan.”

Lt. Howell COPsych

Aizala couldn’t help but snort sightly, though she immediately apologised for it. “I’m sorry. I’m on medial leave and time is something I have more off than I’d like, to be honest. I’m not good at sitting around doing nothing while there are patients I could help. If I were allowed to. I know why not and rationally it makes absolut sense. And at the same time I struggle with it emotionally,” she admitted. “So twice a week would work well for me, I think.”

~Lt. Tija, Doctor (med leave)

“Very well,” Elin replied with a sympathetic smile. “I will put together a treatment schedule and send it to you shortly. For now I am well enough convinced that you are not a danger to yourself or anyone else outside of very specific conditions. You are clear to resume duties in shipboard General and Family Practice. Until we have a better handle on your treatment you will remain restricted from involvement in emergency and trauma response, surgery, intensive care, and medical away missions. If you are in agreement I will submit a report detailing the same to your file immediately.”

Dr. Elin Howell, COPsych

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