Side Sim: Lounge - A time to think and maybe to heal

Posted April 13, 2021, 9:43 a.m. by Lieutenant Tija Aizala (Visitor) (Silke Fahl)

Posted by Crewman Octavia Raain (Medical Student) in Side Sim: Lounge - A time to think and maybe to heal

Posted by Lieutenant Tija Aizala (Visitor) in Side Sim: Lounge - A time to think and maybe to heal

Posted by Lieutenant Tija Aizala (Visitor) in Side Sim: Lounge - A time to think and maybe to heal
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Octavia nodded to show she understood what the doctor wanted before bouncing off to the replicator in the corner. Lost in her own thoughts Octavia was really glad to have met Tija, another person of who she could learn from and maybe help as a result was always a good thing. “Computer please may I have a small Caesar’s salad, a small bowl of mousse au chocolate with vanilla sauce and a cup of herbal tea from the database labelled Tija 8, can I also have Bacon lettuce and tomato wrap, apple juice and a chocolate fudge cake warm with custard, cold.” She smiled politely to the ensign who was also ordering some food before wishing her a good day and leaving.

Picking up her own tray she moved carefully back to the table Tija had chosen for them and placed the tray on its surface. “Here we go one small caesar salad, a mousse term, owl? Chocolate with a vanilla cup and some herbal tea.” She smiled at Tija before taking a seat and her things. The replicator had also provided the cutlery needed. “The Mouse Owl Chocolate looks nice.” She said not quiet getting the pronunciation.

  • Crewman Octavia Raain

“Thank you,” Aizala replied with a soft smile as she picked up the cup of tea. With both hands wrapped around it, she lifted it to her face, but instead of taking a sip she merely inhaled deeply, her eyes closed. After a few moments she opened her eyes again and asked, “Would you like to set up a fixed date where we want to meet for some classes? Or be more flexible about when and how often we meet? And what would you like me to teach you first?”

~Lt. Tija, Doctor (med leave)

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“We can totally set up a fixed time and place, I can work it in between my other lessons and extra duties, trying to keep my mind busy so I dont randomly burst out crying anymore” She explained a little too happily, Octavia was slowly getting over it in her own sarcastic way. “I dont really know as to what the teaching objectives are but I can certainly find out for you and send you them.

  • Crewman Octavia Raain, Med Student

“There is nothing wrong with crying,” Aizala said gently and reached forward with one hand, placing it on top of one of Octavia’s. The other woman might notice some of the small callouses and scares on her hand. “I am certainly not a good example, but I know that it’s healthy to show your emotions. To feel them. Trying to protect myself, partly subconsciously, I have bottled mine up for a long time. That’s part of the reason why I’m on medical leave. I don’t want that to happen to you. Okay?”

With her green eyes still fixed on Octavia, Aizala continued, “As for the objectives, I can easily find them out myself and it depends on what you’d like to do. Spend more time, one on one, with the material of the classes you are taking. Study something that isn’t covered by your classes, either yet or at all. Or a combination of both.”

~Lt. Tija, Doctor (med leave)

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