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Posted April 13, 2021, 10:15 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Isyme zh'Siaqir (Assistant Chief Medical Officer) (Trinity Fister)

Posted by Lieutenant Elin Mairwen Howell (Chief of Psychiatry) in SideSIM – Psychiatry Suite – Steady as the Sea

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Isyme zh’Siaqir (Assistant Chief Medical Officer) in SideSIM – Psychiatry Suite – Steady as the Sea

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Isyme zh’Siaqir (Assistant Chief Medical Officer) in SideSIM – Psychiatry Suite – Steady as the Sea
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Isyme stepped from her quarters and stole a glance at the PaDD nestled between her fingers. She took a second to review its contents, pleased to find a handful of ‘to-do’s had earned an all-too-satisfying strike. Among its remnants, Psych Check-In slithered to the top.

With Zahir in the care of a willing, reliable crewman, Isyme wove through the Ogawa’s serpentine halls without the company of quick-footed, inquisitive seven-year-old. Her trip was strangely unremarkable. Minutes crept by before Isyme slipped through double doors, paused and made her way into the reception area.

“Excuse me,” she cleared her throat and patiently awaited a response.

– Isyme zh’Siaqir, ACMO

A somewhat matronly seeming woman appeared in the seat behind the reception desk. She had bobbed brown hair lightly streaked with grey, largeish, kind brown eyes, and a gentle smile. Oddly enough, she appeared to be knitting some kind of garment as she sat behind the desk. She looked up and her smile widened. “Lt. Commander zh’Siaqir isn’t it?” She replied. “You are exactly on time for your appointment. “She gestured toward the COPsychiatry’s office and a line lit up on the floor also showing the way. “Why don’t you head right in. Dr. Howell is expecting you.”

Holographic Receptionist “Heather”
(OOC: Modeled after my ‘honorary mom’ :D)
Amie/Lt. Howell

OOC: Aww! I love her. :)

Heather shattered Isyme’s expectations, reconstituting her vision of a cheeky, prematurely balding man into the warmth of a doe-eyed, motherly knitter. She faltered slightly. A tempered smile slipping onto her lips, Siaqir returned a nod.

“Thank you,” Siaqir hummed. Her gaze wandered to the hall, her feet shortly after, and she picked her way along the illuminated path. Within seconds, she found herself standing before Howell’s door curtly lifting a hand to palm the chime.

– Isyme zh’Siaqir, ACMO

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The doors slid open to reveal a roomy office in the process of being rearranged and personalized. There was the typical desk, but it was currently pushed off to one side and up against the wall. Several crates sat on it in various states of unpacked-ed-ness. One corner was currently set up with an assortment of comfortable looking chairs separated by a small table. A diffuser sat on the table giving off a pleasant citrusy scent. Elin was just finishing hanging a nicely framed image on the wall opposite the table and chairs. It showed two women, one obviously a younger version of Elin, in a park-like environment, sitting on the grass with a pair of large Golden Retrievers.

Siaqir passed through the doors, her gaze immediately drawn to the two women and their canines. A sliver of a smile swept across her lips before lowering her glacial gaze to the doctor.

Elin turned toward the door as Isyme entered. For moment the expression on her face was a little sad but she quickly put on a smile before she spoke, “Lt. Commander, welcome. My apologies for the disorder but things were looking a little too institutional in here.” She paused for a brief moment. ” Would you like anything from the replicator? I was just about to order up some tea.”

Dr. Elin Howell, COPsych

Isyme caught the flicker of sadness passing through her expression, but she chose not to mention it. “No need to apologise for a little redecorating,” she made a slight shrug, “these rooms could use a little flair.”

“Tea sounds great,” she hummed. “Thank you.”

Siaqir meandered to one of the chairs, resting her fingers at its head, and panned her gaze around the room. The question of who that woman was pressed against her mind. She wanted to ask, but the echo of Elin’s sadness muted Isyme long enough to refocus.

– Isyme zh’Siaqir, ACMO

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