Side sim:Nothing like a new ship

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The carpet was fresh in a way that the previous ship’s had not been. Even though people had stepped all over the carpets on the new ship, the fibers were still so new that no amount of weight would bear them down. The Turbolift was surprisingly sooth, though it should not have been a shock to Zoi. Even though everything was new on this ship, she had served on so many older ships, that new seemed a bit alien.

Zoi entered the Bridge just as Taylor put on the crown and laughed. “Well, I didn’t expect to see that, but I am glad you are taking so well to your queenly role Captain.” She didn’t mind that other people were on the Bridge, especially the Captain and the XO who had every right to be here first. She smiled warmly at Dira before stepping over to the tactical station and grazed her fingers over the flat surface of the displays, careful not to do anything to disturb any settings.... or you know… torpedos.

Haven, CoS

Dira let her gaze linger on Zoi, meeting her smile with a warm one of her own before casually gesturing to the centre chair and returning her gaze to Willow. “Well? Ready? Let’s try them out.”

Commander Myqian, XO

Willow chuckled as Zoi commented. “I’m taking a lesson in not taking myself too seriously Lieutenant.” She said and grinned at Dira. Turning back to the chair she quietly moved the small tribble again and settled into it. The seat was firm but comfortable and she relished in the feeling of sitting in it as the ships first commanding officer. This was her seat. Made for her even if there were other ships of the class out there eventually this moment was all she cared about.

“Hard to take ourselves too seriously just now, we do have tribbles in our hands,” Dira quipped. She allowed Willow a moment to take it all in before she took sat down. In taking that seat for the first time, she had accepted her role n this ship and all it meant.

“Oh I could get used to this…” she said to Dira, padding the arms in a very cat like manner

“So what do you think of the new digs?” She asked Zoi looking over at tactical.

Willow Taylor

She had to smile at Captain Taylor enjoying her new seat. Her position was a weighty one, even if she herself was not. A comfortable seat should be one of the first things Star Fleet should provide for captains. And she was glad that the captain was endeavoring to take herself less seriously. Zoi looked up as she realized the question was meant for her and let her eyes wander the space of the new bridge once more. It was regulation Star Fleet in color scheme but the styling was more modern and it felt more sleek and efficient. Her grin only widened. “I can imagine getting into quite a lot of trouble on this ship, can’t you?”

Haven, CoS

Dira turned and looked back over her shoulder. “Bite your tongue, Lieutenant!” she said seriously before winking. “We’re a medical ship. There are rules. You never ever complain about how quiet it is, and you never invite trouble your way. And if you think it’s superstitious nonsense, boy do I have some stories!” she said with an open laugh.

Commander Myqian, XO

Zoi laughed too and enjoyed the sound from them both. Their relationship was just starting, but she felt comfortable in Dira’s presence rather than an awkward anxiety ridden heart fluttering some people got. Perhaps it was her age and having lived a long life that gave her the confidence to be herself in the presence of a potential partner, she didn’t know.

Willow looked at Dira a moment and though she nodded her head in agreement she grinned at Zoi “Oh i can see us getting into a LOT of trouble! And I suppose also getting out of it again.” She turned her head to get a view of the surrounding area then began to play with some buttons on her chair. A control that was unmarked on the blueprints she had received caught her attention. Now, it is I said you should never, when confronted with an unknown button, press the unknown button under any circumstances.

“HA! If the Captain can say it, so can I!”

She held it in a moment as the conversation continued around her then decided with a small shrug to press it. What was the worst that could happen? The lights dimmed slightly and a rad light came on along with the red alert klaxon. Willow turned the same colour as both the light and her hair and hurriedly jabbed at the button again to turn it off.

Willow Taylor

The Chief of Security looked unphased in general as the red alert sounded and she turned immediately to her console to begin to examine why it had gone off when she noticed the Captain desperately jabbing a button she had apparently pushed. Zoi snorted and then covered her mouth, but could not keep the laughter from bursting forth. She chuckled good naturedly and shook her head. “Perhaps Captain, you should refrain from pushing buttons for the moment.”

Haven, CoS

Willow looked sheepish and relaxed visibly as the sound was cut off. She turned to Zoi “perhaps you are right. I’m going to label that one don’t touch.” She laughed.

“I thinking I should request hazard pay,” Dira quipped with a grin.

After a moment she stood again and began wandering the bridge.

Willow Taylor

Content to stay in her seat, it was the first time she could say she felt like a first officer. Sure, the crisis on the station had put her to the test (one she liked to think she passed with flying colours). Turned slightly in her chair so she could see Zoi out of the corner of her eye, she watched Willow explore. “To new beginnings,” she said in something of a toast.

Commander Myqian, XO

Zoi was light hearted and really enjoying her role. Without the worry of needing to leave at a moments notice due to her mother’s condition, she was free to genuinely enjoy her job and feel the freedom the stars had offered her for many years. She watched as Captain Taylor explored the Bridge. At some point, she and the entire security team would be doing a sweep of the ship to really take a hard look at the ships specs and getting the visual on where everything was located, what it looked like, and at least a general understanding of how it worked.

Thinking of these plans, she almost missed that Dira was speaking. Her mind caught up with the words and she grinned, leaning down and winking at the XO. “To new beginnings indeed.”

Haven, CoS

“They didn’t spare any expense did they?” Willow asked both officers as she walked. “Call me a pessimist but that always troubles me. Either of you seen the old earth film Jurassic park?”

Willow Taylor


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