SB 157- Finally a Date

Posted April 14, 2021, 9:56 p.m. by Commander Dira Myqian (Executive Officer) (Lindsay Bayes)

Posted by Lieutenant Zoi Haven (Chief of Security) in SB 157- Finally a Date

Posted by Lieutenant Zoi Haven (Chief of Security) in SB 157- Finally a Date

Posted by Commander Dira Myqian (Executive Officer) in SB 157- Finally a Date
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Try as she might, she couldn’t get the walls in the four corners to be perfectly perpendicular. She sighed as she examined her work. It would have to do. She could pretend it was meant to be more abstract than perfect. Then again, she didn’t think Dira was looking for perfection from her. Happy enough with that in mind, she started working on scooping out the middle to make the courtyard, careful not to take too much from the sides and risk collapse.

She smiled at Dira, happy in the moments they were creating with one another here. It had been an excellent first date idea. “Well, I will be glad to teach. Flowers and gardening are two things my mother finds most calming. I have a lot of happy memories in gardens with her at various facilities and our homes over the years. I could almost always guarantee that she could come back to lucidity when we were working in the garden together.” Her voice faltered a little and she took a deep and steadying breath before turning her attention back to her castle construct.

Haven, CoS

Dira smiled deeply at Zoi, feeling the happiness the memory brought forth. “Those are special moments to have, Zoi. Hold on to them. They’ll always be there for you, even if one day she is not,” she said gently.

She nodded. Dira was right. Zoi was caught in the unique kind of grief from losing a parent who was not all the way lost. Now Zoi was living her life entirely on her own now and there was pride in that but also guilt. For many years there was the struggle of should she live her life or stay near her mother so that she could be there for the lucid moments. Making the decision was a hard one and Zoi had gone back and forth with her time in Star Fleet. This though, this was permanent. Sometimes her mother was lucid, but way more often she was not and Zoi had come to terms with this… sort of. The first step was her decision to remain in Star Fleet no matter her mother’s state.

As she continued to carve, Myqian stepped back for a moment to get a different perspective on her creation. But this point it was loosely starting to be obvious that it was the underside view of a bird in flight, it’s wings tipped back at the apex of a flap. “I always considered myself especially lucky to to have both parents so strongly in my life. Even after the separation and divorce they just seemed to have their sh*t together and cared about each other, and me, enough to not fight over inconsequential things” She glanced over at Zoi with a smirk. “I still tease them about how unusual a couple they are in my field. Well, former field I guess I should say.”

Commander Myqian, XO

She turned to look at her date and grinned. “Well, that is unusual. Even in these modern times, divorce can be contentious especially with kids. We can make a million strides in technology, but emotions? Ever the same. Tell me about them?”

Haven, CoS

A warmth flooded Dira, as it always did when she thought of her parents. “Well, I told you a little about my father. He’s a mixed media artist and always in some state of chaos. But he has the most peaceful core. When he does pause all you feel is warmth and safety. He taught me to dream and be frivolous with them. His motto is that dreams are unlimited and can be tossed out and revamped as often as needed. They should never be permanent. I think it’s what made my decision to change to command more easy than it might have been otherwise. I never felt that I was stuck being a therapist. It was always something I chose.”

Crouching, she began to smooth out the base a bit, carving scallops to form a cloud the bird was flying above. “My mother on the other hand is very nonsensical. Practical. But she doesn’t believe in perfection and thus tolerated the messy state I was almost always in living with my father.” She looked over at Zoi. “She’s a neuroscientist and It was through her science minded approach that I discovered how interested I was in getting to dig deeper into people. And, exciting news, after a decade with her partner, she’s finally getting married again.”

Commander Myqian, XO

“Ive seen messy divorces. They can be quite traumatic. I am glad your parent’s divorce was not that. My mother never mentions my father. All she has ever said was that he was a zealot, taken in by the repopulation hungry community. My conception wasn’t a calm and loving work of creation. Though, now her mind is going now and she is wildly chaotic without that core of peace your father has. I don’t think I shall ever really learn about him and I am scared to ask, thus possibly triggering the most negative associations she had with him.”

Zoi paused and took a deep and steadying breath before resuming work on one of the towers. Perhaps she should have done some interior work before the towers? Well, to late now. She would just have to be careful when extracting and sculpting the interior castle courtyard.

Haven, CoS

Dira considered Zoi for a moment. While she was careful not to go the route of analyzing (especially given they were in a date), Zoi seemed to appreciate the perspective Dira could bring to a conversation and if she were honest there was a part of her that wanted to comfort Zoi where her mother was concerned. “Is it important to you that you know more about your father?” she asked gently.

Commander Myqian, XO

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