Side Sim: Primary Sickbay - Medical Evaluation

Posted April 15, 2021, 6:43 p.m. by Trinity Fister

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Posted by Lieutenant Tija Aizala (Visitor) in Side Sim: Primary Sickbay - Medical Evaluation
Much sooner than she had expected, Aizala found herself entering the primary sickbay again. With being cleared for duty by the Counsellor, all she needed was a clear bill of health from one of her fellow doctors or any other staff member and another conversation with the Head of Staff. While feeling as if she was riding an emotional rollercoster, she appeared perfectly calm and collected on the outside as she looked around to find the least busy looking medical professional.

~Lt. Tija, Doctor

“Let’s up the metrazine to 100mg for the AFib, and lower the hctz to 12.5mg.” A sinewy Betazoid glanced over the chart nestled between her fingers and offered a subtle nod. “Let’s also chat with the patient about vascular regeneration. At this point, I’m tending to agree with your concerns for a stroke. Keep tabs on his blood pressure and oxygen levels.” She handed the PaDD back to NPA Sykes and gestured them away. “Holler if you need something.”

She didn’t linger long enough to see the physician assistant away before making her way to the reception area. It wasn’t a second before Tija caught her eye. Her grimace faded to a gentle smile as she meandered over. “Excuse me,” she lifted a hand to wave Tija’s attention, “are you waiting for an appointment?”

NDoc Viasse

Walking briskly over towards Viasse, Tija tugged at her uniform jacket and then brushed a non-existent loose strand behind her ear; running her fingertips subconsciously along her scar as she did so. “Not exactly,” she replied. “I’m Lieutenant Tija Aizala. I was wondering if someone might have time to take care of my medical evaluation. But if now is bad time, I’d be happy to schedule an appointment and come back another time. I can tell you’re rather busy.” The smallest hint of a smile played across her freckled, and rather guarded features.

~Lt. Tija, Doctor

“That might—” Viasse rolled her wrist and took note of the time “—you know what? Let’s squeeze you in. If you’ll follow me, we can get that handled for you.”

Spinning on her heel, Viasse gestured Tija through another set of doors. She trailed after, pausing briefly to snag a PaDD and tricorder, before jabbing her finger to an empty biobed. “Right over there,” she spoke with a polite curtness about her tone. “Do you have any outstanding concerns we should be aware of?”

Viasse let the question taint the impending silence. Quietly, she split her attention between the good doctor and the file she attempted to extract from their database.

— NDr. Viasse

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