Side sim:Nothing like a new ship

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Willow looked sheepish and relaxed visibly as the sound was cut off. She turned to Zoi “perhaps you are right. I’m going to label that one don’t touch.” She laughed.

“I thinking I should request hazard pay,” Dira quipped with a grin.

After a moment she stood again and began wandering the bridge.

Willow Taylor

Content to stay in her seat, it was the first time she could say she felt like a first officer. Sure, the crisis on the station had put her to the test (one she liked to think she passed with flying colours). Turned slightly in her chair so she could see Zoi out of the corner of her eye, she watched Willow explore. “To new beginnings,” she said in something of a toast.

Commander Myqian, XO

Zoi was light hearted and really enjoying her role. Without the worry of needing to leave at a moments notice due to her mother’s condition, she was free to genuinely enjoy her job and feel the freedom the stars had offered her for many years. She watched as Captain Taylor explored the Bridge. At some point, she and the entire security team would be doing a sweep of the ship to really take a hard look at the ships specs and getting the visual on where everything was located, what it looked like, and at least a general understanding of how it worked.

Thinking of these plans, she almost missed that Dira was speaking. Her mind caught up with the words and she grinned, leaning down and winking at the XO. “To new beginnings indeed.”

Haven, CoS

For a moment Dira let herself just meet Zoi’s gaze and smile. Yes, with all that had been going on it had not escaped her attention that the COS was someone she was well and truly take with. That would have to be a conversation with Willow later.

“They didn’t spare any expense did they?” Willow asked both officers as she walked. “Call me a pessimist but that always troubles me. Either of you seen the old earth film Jurassic park?”

Willow Taylor

Dira shook her head. “Not I. But in this case, based on the specs, I think they were thinking on a grander scale and that can only bode well for our health facilities. If the rest lives up to that we’ll be able to do some pretty incredible work here.”

Commander Myqian, XO

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