So much to Share but Nothing to Say (TAG CNS)

Posted May 3, 2021, 8:26 p.m. by Lieutenant Alexis Bonner (Scientist, Medical Researcher) (Jennifer Ward)

Alexis had stopped to find out where she’d be working from CSO Petrakos. Now she was bidding her time till her medical check in and decided to go ahead and stop in the counseling offices to see if she could be seen or at least make an appointment. She smiled at the holographic receptionist. “Are any of the counselors available right now? I need an onboarding, if not can I make an appointment?” Alexis just REALLY wanted to get to work. Frigga was sitting quietly by her side. She’d tried to go straight to sickbay remember the patients she’d worked with there. Alexis made her follow along until they both could be seen.
Lt Bonner, Med Research

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