Side sim: An Abnormally Social Lunch - Mess Hall

Posted May 3, 2021, 12:01 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Solal Segal (Oncology and Immunology) (Nicole Cline)

Posted by Lieutenant Alexis Bonner (Scientist, Medical Researcher) in Side sim: An Abnormally Social Lunch - Mess Hall

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Solal Segal (Oncology and Immunology) in Side sim: An Abnormally Social Lunch - Mess Hall
It wasn’t usual for Solal to eat in the mess hall with the rest of the crew. He preferred to eat in solitude, in his quarters. But, he had been in the mood for socialization since he’d spent time with Achilleas in the holodeck. So, that day when he went for lunch, rather than returning to his quarters, Solal took his plomeek soup, a Vulcan dish he had tried and ended up quite enjoying, and chose a seat within the mess hall. As he began to eat the soup, he listened to the conversations going on around him.

~ Lt JG Solal, Doctor

Alexis had been led out of her lab and to the mess hall by a very unhappy Frigga gently tugging on her hand the whole way. Her mommy hadn’t eaten since before they came aboard. Now Frigga had no idea how long that was, but she was hungry so it was time. Alexis was sitting at the table next to where Solal chose to eat. She was engrossed in a PaDD that was next to her. Frigga was under the table with a bowl of kibble eating quietly. A soft whine and nose nudge. Alexis looked at the dog, “Okay okay Frigga.” She picked up the avacado toast, topped with a fried egg and ate quietly, but her mind was racing already coming to the conclusion of the researchers before she even reached the end of the description of data collection methods. Then her mind moved on to the long list of research projects she had to choose from. And then she was going over patient files from when she’d been on board previously and making note inquire how they were doing. She looked up briefly seeing Solal. “Hello Lt.” Alexis wasn’t really overly social but they had worked together and she should at least say hello.
Lt Bonner, med research

“Lieutenant,” Solal said in greeting, watching her dog. He wouldn’t ask, but he had never been the biggest fan of animals… and honestly, they weren’t usually the biggest fan of him, either. “How has it been?” He asked politely.

~ Lt JG Solal, Doctor

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