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Attention on Deck!

Please all welcome Jennifer Ward back to Ogawa! She’s bring Alexis back as a medical researcher in the science department and we’re going to say she left briefly to do something important research-wise and is rejoining the Ogawa in that capacity. Welcome back Jen. Your old welcome pack should still be valid, but in case you get lost on the new ship still, directional layouts have been provided.

We are also welcoming James Sinclair who is making his return with a doctor who is well trained in covert type stuff. I’m not sure how this is going to all shake down on this ship, but given the antics of the Ogawa’s crew, I suspect it a) might be necessary and useful, and b) Dr. Kane might be a pain the arse to some people. Sounds like a normal day on the ship!

James, you’ll find a new welcome pack in your quarters. Please don’t feed Audrey without supervision, and try not to get lost and carry your map at all times.

Welcome aboard to you both!


Thank you Linds! And James....hehehe This will be fun. Welcome James!

Welcome back Jenn and welcome aboard James! I’m looking forward to rping with both of you! :D


Welcome you guys!


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