Side Sim - Man Out Of Time

Posted May 3, 2021, 12:14 p.m. by Lieutenant Dr. Solomon Kane (Medical Research & Development) (James Sinclair)



Those are the only words that the heavily tattooed man with wild hair could use to describe where he came from. He was in a sickbay, he knew that much. But it was nothing like he’d ever seen. His feral, predatory eyes moved back and forth; peering through strands of hair cascading over his face. He sat cross-legged on a biobed, his jaw muscles twitching as his teeth ground together. The containment field around him was there to protect him, they had said. He knew that was a lie. When he had come to, uniform scorched in places and small burns all over him, he had lashed out and knocked a Security officer cold. Thats when the next bout of time-loss happened… but that one he knew came from the stun setting on a phaser.

“He says he’s Star Fleet, but I don’t show any record of him anywhere!”

“Look at that uniform! It’s what… a hundred? A hundred and fifty years old? But scans show it’s brand new!”

“The name comes up in the database, but no record.”

“Who is this guy?”

Kane could hear the whispers, and he was by no means stupid. He knew something had happened… he just had no idea what.

“Temporal and Dimensional Displacment.” came a voice from behind him. Kane whipped his head around and there stood a man in an odd-looking uniform. Next to him stood a woman, Vulcan, who remained silent but stared at Kane. The man stepped forward and looked at Kane. “You were caught in some kind of temporal and dimensional event. Don’t worry. We’ll get it sorted.” and he looked around the bed at the gaggle of personnel Kane had been eavesdropping on. “Get me your CO, XO, and Security Chief right now.” he said in a firm voice, causing the group to start and then tap combadges for security. The man looked at Kane and said “See you in a bit.”

Three months later:

“Kane, you can’t just deck people you disagree with!” said the older man in the black and gray uniform of Star Fleet Intelligence. “I didn’t disagree with him, Sampson. I said he was f&^%ing stupid. Besides, you’re the one that sent him in here. I told him I’m done. He pushed. So… I pushed back.”

Kane laid back on the small cot attached to the wall and crossed his arms under his head and stared at the ceiling. Sampson pinched the bridge of his nose and squeezed his eyes shut. “Look, all we are doing is making sure that we are all-” “on the same page. Yeah, I know you say that every day.” Kane growled. He sat up quickly and glared at Sampson, who involuntarily took two steps back. “I get it! You wanna know what I know, and I’ve told you. My words haven’t changed , the facts haven’t been skewed, there has been zero deviation from me! So you and I both know that means I am either one - the most well-rehearsed and capable liar in the history of interrogations… or two - I’m telling you the f&^%ng truth, you brainless bureaucratic moron!” Kane screamed and stood up, only the forcefield between the two men keeping him at bay. Sampson quickly made the screen opaque and then left the brig.

Two years later:

“Well, Lieutenant. I guess this is it. I’d like to say it’s been a pleasure, but we both know I’d be lying.” said the older Bajoran woman in the blue uniform of Star Fleet Medical. Admiral pips graced her collar and she smiled at the man in front of her.

Dressed in the same blue uniform as the Admiral, but with Lieutenant pips, the man was unlike the vast majority of people who wore the same outfit. His dark blonde hair was long and fell over his face, save for the left side of his head which was shaved to the skin. Bright green eyes peered out from lids that were perpetually narrowed, and his beard was clean if somewhat unkept. Tattoos covered all visible skin save for his face. The images were of varying quality and size, some black and grey, some colored. Even the man’s hands were covered, with letters on the lower digits of all four fingers on each hand; The left one saying “LUCK”, the right one saying “HARD”. Even the skin under the hair that was shaved off was covered, that area being a kind of stylized Earth-Asian dragon.

“Yeah, it would be. But you’ll miss me. You always do.” Kane said with a sarcastic grin. The Admiral chuckled. “Not as much as you’d think, Lieutenant. But your time with us has certainly been eventful.” Kane shrugged but remained silent. The Admiral simply nodded and picked up a PaDD from her desk. “Your orders. USS Ogawa. Fine vessel. Good crew. I hope they don’t throw you out of an airlock the first week.” Kane took the PaDD and turned and walked towards the door. Shrugging, he said “Been through worse.” and the doors closed behind him. The Admiral sat on the edge of her desk and stared at the closed door.

“Yes… you have.” she said softly and then went back to her duties as Chair of the Star Fleet Academy Medical School.

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