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Posted May 3, 2021, 2:07 p.m. by Lieutenant Alexis Bonner (Scientist, Medical Researcher) (Jennifer Ward)

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Having finally been assigned her lab space Alexis was happily inventorying her equipment to find that most of it wasn’t there. She spent a tediously impatient hour traveling to the cargo bay and speaking with the operations staff to get everything sent up. Then it was a detour to take Frigga to the counseling suit to work. But luckily she could leave her there and someone would bring her back or she’d find her way. Those new combadges were a work of computer science genius. Now back in the lab she swiftly twisted her hair into a bun and pinned it up out of her face. She opened the first crate and began to remove the equipment. Alexis was extremely particular about where and how her equipment was stored and made it very clear that everyone should stay out, unless the ship was on fire. But then again she probably wouldn’t leave then.

“GALEN search the data base and play epic ballads from Earths Central Asian geographic region. Time parameters don’t matter. Contain the sound to my work station only, volume level 1.”

The AI came back confirming the request and soon the sound of bardic ballads quietly filled the space. At some point Alexis was aware of another researcher entering the lab. She was pretty sure she remembered to wave and at least say “Hello,” before refocusing on her work.
Lt Bonner, med research

Kane was happy there was only one person in the room. When they didn’t bother to look up and make conversation, he was even happier. The only reply she recieved was a “Yep.” and he went to a workstation far in the back corner, facing the door. =/\= GALEN, open workstation Kane-OMega-92928. =/\= there was a pause and then a display came up and Kane’s eyes started reading.

Kane, R&D

The next day Alexis was in the lab early, well early for anyone else. This was normal for her. It was quiet and the music was already playing quietly in the background. Today it was Andorian epic poetry, in the original language. She had three computer screens running a microscope and a centrifuge all working. If anyone actually looked under the table they would see an Icelandic Sheepdog, with a psychiatry green work vest on. At the sound of the doors opening Alexis actually took the time to look up and make sure she could at least visually recognize who was supposed to be in the lab. Whoa…yeah she wouldn’t forget that one. Long hair, half of it shaved off and tatoes on his hands. She surmised he probably had even more that were covered by the uniform. She nodded and went back to work. A few minutes later =^=Lt Bonner, could you bring Frigga to the counseling suite?=^= She looked up briefly at the speaker in the ceiling irritated. No she could not, she…Oh right she could. She loved the Nigtengale class. =^=She’s on her way.=^= “GALEN set secure path for Frigga from the labs to the counseling suite.” The computer trilled “Secure path initiated. Come along Frigga.” The dog got up exiting the labs quietly. A serious of dog whistles would lead her along the way and forcefields to stop her from wandering off, not that the dog was likely to do that. Alexis turned back to the console. The results sending her into a flurry of research into the ship’s library.
Lt Bonner, med research

Kane had just settled in to his work when the request came through. Without raising his head, his eyes moved up and watched the exchange between the other person, dog, and computer. “What will they think of next?” he mumbled sarcastically, not loud enough to be heard. He then went back to his work, studying the medical capabilities of some species called the ‘Cardassians’ prior to the war he had been drilled about the last two years.

Kane, R&D

The next day there was no dog in sight. Frigga was a working dog and sitting under the table in the lab all day wasn’t good for her skills, behavior, or health. So she was either in medical or counseling. Alexis didn’t know which. They all knew how to work with Frigga so Alexis was comfortable with it. Today Alexis could be seen in her work station, but it had been moved around, making it impossible for the passerby to actually see her screens. For those moving about, there seemed to be something wrong with the screens because they couldn’t see what was on them. In fact it was a fun little device given to her during her ‘research’ posting to keep prying eyes away. She slipped an iso chip into the console after an ocular scan. After several minutes a large grin split her face and she began entering information to the computer. Then pulled the iso chip out and moved on to the next project. She probably didn’t even notice Kane come in that day.
Lt Bonner, med research

She didnt notice because Kane was there when she arrived, despite the early hour. He was glaring at his screen as he absorbed information about a group calling themselves ‘The Maquis’; and what they had done before, during, and after the war. He had already how they had come into being.

“I mean… they weren’t wrong.” he mumbled to himself and took a drink from the mug that now sat perpetually by his tattooed right hand.

Kane, R&D

The next day Alexis was obviously not in the lab. She arrived much later. Usually in the lab no later than 0500 it was almost 1000 before she got here. Samples containers carefully closed and into a carry bag. Her gaze rivited to the PaDD shew as carrying, as she mumbled silently tapping on the screen and swiping comparing information and results. Long years of practice allowed her to swerve around individuals and equipment to get to her work station. She set the samples down and after a moment set the PaDD down and began to retrieve, assign, and store each sample. The lab was blissfully quiet and she was ready to get back to work with the samples she’d brought with her from the genetics lab.
Lt Bonner, med research

Kane had noticed her missing that morning, but didn’t give it further thought. When the door opened, he glanced up and caught sight of the sample bag and simply filed it away as ‘She was working somewhere else.’. He went back to looking at the diagrams of a Breen refrigeration unit. It was efficient, much more so than anything he had had… well… back then. He was just about to being experimenting with the design for a cry-lab storage solution when the door opened again.

A Bolian, one of the new races he had to learn about, walked in. A Lieutenant, judging by the pips, and with a big smile on their face, he looked around the room and saw the two figures. “Well… hello and salutations, fellow lab-rats!” he said loudly and with a level of happiness and familiarity that immediately made Kane visualize what color the Bolian would turn if Kane choked him with his bare hands. “I am Lieutenant Borchek, and it looks like we are gonna lab buddies. Yay!!” and he looked back and forth between the two individuals.

Alexis looked up and a myriad of reactions crossed her face. The most obvious were disappointment at the loss of quiet and irritation because the man obviously didn’t know how to shut up. She had very little hope that it would change. She started putting the sampled away faster hoping to keep them out of reach of this overly exuberant person.

Kane gritted his teeth and stood up. He shut down his computer and walked over to Bonner. “We have that lunch thing now.” and he turned and headed for the door, completely ignoring Borchek.

Kane, R&D

Alexis blinked once, ‘lunch thing?’ Oh dear lords, did she miss a memo about a meeting? Crap! About what? She stored the entire sample bag in one cabinet and locked it. She grabbed the PaDD with her notes and started for the door. She turned back and looked at Borchek, “You’re space is there” she pointed. “Don’t touch my experiments, don’t even look at them. Actually. GALEN lock down my work station and secure.” Alexis had lost too much research before to careless and nosey hands. She quickly caught up with Kane, no idea where they were going or who they were meeting with. She was supremely irritated that someone was taking her away from her work. This day was turning out just crappy.
Lt Bonner, med research

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