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Posted May 3, 2021, 3:43 p.m. by Lieutenant Alexis Bonner (Scientist, Medical Researcher) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Lieutenant Dr. Solomon Kane (Medical Research & Development) in side sim - Great Minds and All That


The next day Alexis was obviously not in the lab. She arrived much later. Usually in the lab no later than 0500 it was almost 1000 before she got here. Samples containers carefully closed and into a carry bag. Her gaze rivited to the PaDD shew as carrying, as she mumbled silently tapping on the screen and swiping comparing information and results. Long years of practice allowed her to swerve around individuals and equipment to get to her work station. She set the samples down and after a moment set the PaDD down and began to retrieve, assign, and store each sample. The lab was blissfully quiet and she was ready to get back to work with the samples she’d brought with her from the genetics lab.
Lt Bonner, med research

Kane had noticed her missing that morning, but didn’t give it further thought. When the door opened, he glanced up and caught sight of the sample bag and simply filed it away as ‘She was working somewhere else.’. He went back to looking at the diagrams of a Breen refrigeration unit. It was efficient, much more so than anything he had had… well… back then. He was just about to being experimenting with the design for a cry-lab storage solution when the door opened again.

A Bolian, one of the new races he had to learn about, walked in. A Lieutenant, judging by the pips, and with a big smile on their face, he looked around the room and saw the two figures. “Well… hello and salutations, fellow lab-rats!” he said loudly and with a level of happiness and familiarity that immediately made Kane visualize what color the Bolian would turn if Kane choked him with his bare hands. “I am Lieutenant Borchek, and it looks like we are gonna lab buddies. Yay!!” and he looked back and forth between the two individuals.

Alexis looked up and a myriad of reactions crossed her face. The most obvious were disappointment at the loss of quiet and irritation because the man obviously didn’t know how to shut up. She had very little hope that it would change. She started putting the sampled away faster hoping to keep them out of reach of this overly exuberant person.

Kane gritted his teeth and stood up. He shut down his computer and walked over to Bonner. “We have that lunch thing now.” and he turned and headed for the door, completely ignoring Borchek.

Kane, R&D

Alexis blinked once, ‘lunch thing?’ Oh dear lords, did she miss a memo about a meeting? Crap! About what? She stored the entire sample bag in one cabinet and locked it. She grabbed the PaDD with her notes and started for the door. She turned back and looked at Borchek, “You’re space is there” she pointed. “Don’t touch my experiments, don’t even look at them. Actually. GALEN lock down my work station and secure.” Alexis had lost too much research before to careless and nosey hands. She quickly caught up with Kane, no idea where they were going or who they were meeting with. She was supremely irritated that someone was taking her away from her work. This day was turning out just crappy.
Lt Bonner, med research

Kane didn’t say a word, just kept walking. It took them about five minutes, but soon they were walking into the Mess Hall. It wasn’t crowded, and Kane simply went to a table and dropped the PaDD he was carrying on it and walked to a replicator and came back with some french fries and a chocolate milkshake. He then sat down, picked up a fry, and popped it in his mouth and turned on the PaDD and began reading.

Kane, R&D

Alexis dropped her PaDD on the same table, still under the impression they were having a lunch meeting with one of the senior staff. Which if she could out of her head for awhile, she might find it comical that she used to be senior staff. She was much happier in her work now though. She went to the replicator and ordered half a monte cristo and a cheerwine. She ate absently, not really eating at all, back down the rabbit hole of her research. After 20 minutes she looked up, and no one else was there....she pulled up the schedule on her PaDD…there was no meeting. Her first reaction was extreme irritation, she could have been WORKING instead of sitting here reading research journals that she already had memorized. But that meant being in the same room as Borchek. So Kurt? No Kane his name was Kane had done her a huge favor. She’d be in trouble by now because she would have gone to extreme measures to shut him up. She turned off the PaDD, set it down, and actually ate her lunch rather than picking at it.
Lt. Bonner, med research

Kane ate fries, occasionally dipping one into the shake and eating it. After a while, almost as Bonner turned off her PaDD, Kane shut down his program and brought up a blank screen. Removing the stylus, he began to draw. At first, it seemed to be an abstract something or other, and the more he drew the less it looked like anything… until he finally drew a solid line around it and then it was apparent - he had drawn some kind of machinery; but from the inside out. The abstract things were actually parts he drew individually and then connected.

Kane was in his thoughts. He hadn’t drawn much since he… well… ‘moved’… but he found himself doing more often. It was cathartic, and it helped him focus.

Kane, R&D

Alexis finished the food and pushed the plate aside, picking up the PaDD again. She flipped back and forth between several things, pulling in different diagrams, and over laying them. She took notice of the fact he was doing something with the stylus but she was too busy in her own thoughts to be curious. She twisted and turned the images, but what she wanted as a 3D model and that meant back to the lab. If she could just see…there, she needed a better model, and then she realized she was still in the mess hall. Suddenly she stood with an irritated huff, recycled what was left of her meal. She picked up the PaDD and stood there staring at it. She seemed still, but her mind was busy making connections and building a schematic for a model. “These things need miniture 3D projectors,” she muttered.
Lt Bonner, med research

“Won’t happen. Too many classified images that stupid people could ‘accidentally’ open in the middle of the Lounge or something.” Kane said absentmindedly. “What do you need the projector for?” he asked as he drew the last pieces of the unit housing on the sketch.

Kane, R&D

Alexis waved a hand dismissively at this comment about classified images. Red tape that got in the way of her work. She couldn’t get past it but didn’t mean she had to like it. “If this was classified I wouldn’t be reading it in the lounge.” She went back to the PaDD and images. “With the 3D projector I can build my model from scratch instead of using subpar 2d graphics over laid.” Her eyes flashed with satisfaction, as some part of the puzzle just dropped into place. Without another word she cleared the screen and walked off toward the doors. She had to get back to her work.
Lt Bonner, med research

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