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Posted May 3, 2021, 5:32 p.m. by Lieutenant Alexis Bonner (Scientist, Medical Researcher) (Jennifer Ward)

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Her mind had already run scenarios about Borchek and so the comment didn’t register at first. She was already out the door before she took a half step pause…oh good point…she turned around and stuck her head in the door. “That’s why I’m going to the holodeck. Keep up!”
Lt Bonner med research

“Waste of time, but you have fun.” he yelled back, and then glared so effectively at a table of Ensigns who looked at him when he raised his voice they got up and left. Kane waved her off and picked up a fry. He began shading the unit, which had now become photo-realistic in nature.

Kane, R&D

Alexis spent a very productive 45 minutes working a 3D model in the holodeck, then it was back to the genetics lab to create more samples. She returned to the lab and walked into her version of purgatory. Borchek had managed to spread his work over 3 adjacent lab areas. “Oh you’re here. Good good. Please remove that locking field I need the space. And that centrifuge you have, well I need it and sharing is caring after all.” Several NEs were trying to contain the mess. Alexis wasn’t exactly the take charge type, but that was because she simply didn’t care. It wasn’t her research. But this....No. “GALEN place NE Borchek in a containment field, lab protocol gamma.” And sure enough Borchek’s forward movement was halted. “Well now that was rude.”

“GALEN sound proof that area as well.” And then the lab went quiet. Alexis sighed. “Jones clean up that chemical spill, V’yaren go get new containers from the cargo bay. The rest of you clean up this mess.”. When Kane would return Borchek would still be in the field talking away but no sound coming out. Alexis was working on a prototype.
Lt Bonner med research

Kane came in and stopped short. “What the f-…” he said softly before the confusion turned into something else… borderline rage. “Who the hell put Chatty Cathy in a containment field?” he asked loudly. No one answered, but enough eyes looked at Bonner that Kane knew. Gritting his teeth, he said =/\= GALEN, remove containment field, lockout workstation four, override Kane 7977 Gamma. =/\= and Bonner’s screens went blank. Kane looked at Borchek. “Now. Get.... out.” and his flashing green eyes found each and every Ensing in the lab. “All of you! Now!” and the rest bolted for the door which Kane locked behind them. Kane looked at Bonneer and said sharply “Are you mental? Or just freakin’ stupid?”

Kane, R&D

Rage, unmitigated rage. Hours…hours of work. Then about the same time Kane asked her if she was stupid. “GALEN transport Borchek to containment in Alpha sickbay. Authorization Bonner beta 4 zeta.” She spoke slowly like talking to a very young child. “Are. You. Daft?! Or do you not know how to read or ask purposeful questions.” When he went to answer she interrupted him. “Rhetorical question. If you had read the lab status or asked, you just let a contaminated man out to the rest of the ship. He had 30 minutes left. Now he has to start all over and the outer corridor will have to be treated as well. Thank you very much.” She turned back to her blank screens and started closing lids. “GALEN start decontamination protocol for outer corridor. Chemical hazard protocol” This guy was…not worth her time. She would have to start all over.
Lt Bonner

There was no response from the AI. Kane looked at her and started laughing… hard. “Oh, You are crazy! I get it!” and the laughing stopped and he looked directly at her and said “One. If he was contaminated, then the alarms would have sounded and GALEN would have locked down the entire lab, you included. Two. If you were working with potentially hazardous materials, this isn’t the lab for that and anyone with a brain would know that. Three. If you had samples that were hazardous, you need the proper protection equipment and you have to notify all lab staff. Standard protocol. Four. You ever… and I mean ever… try any of that bulls&^t in here again, I will personally see to it that your lab privileges are revoked and you won’t have access to a pencil… let alone the computer. And push me if you don’t think that’ll happen. So decide, here and now… you can play by the rules, or you can not play at all. Your call, lady.” His eyes were fixed on her and it was obvious he would not budge.

Kane, R&D

Alexis was incredibly easy to read. She didn’t spout off personal things or engage in ‘getting to know’ others but her expressions were incredibly easy to read. Something he said hit a nerve, a raw one. Someone good at interpreting body language could deduce it was personal and not professional. Then she was back in researcher mode. Her mind or part of it anyway ran through why he had shut off the AI and the implications that caused. “One. No they wouldn’t because I’m faster and Smarter than GALEN. I had him locked up before he had the chance to dump those chemicals into two vials together. He was too far away to physically stop him so I contained it. I’m part of the hazmat team. I called it in and everything was done by the book. You’d know that if you had ASKED first. You’re welcome by the way. He was standing over your computer and your work. Two. I’m not working with Hazardous material. You’ve been in the lab all week, you should have enough brain power to figure that one out by now. Three. Is moot, but if you feel so inclined to play king of the hill tell Borchek. He was the one playing with chemicals. Four. Go ahead. You want to throw your ego around, I won’t stop you. Just stay out of my way. You have no place in a research lab. You jump to conclusions without all the facts.” In fact there were chemical burns on the carpet where Borchek had been and Kane’s work station had been messed with. Things were out of place, it had been that way when she arrived, but unlike the rest of the lab she hadn’t cleaned it up, respecting the solitary way he’d worked all week. She counted in her head, “You can deal with that.” And then the warnings of a chemical exposure started going off. She turned away from him back to her station.
Lt Bonner, med research

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