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Posted May 3, 2021, 9:05 p.m. by Lieutenant Dr. Solomon Kane (Medical Research & Development) (James Sinclair)

Posted by Lieutenant Alexis Bonner (Scientist, Medical Researcher) in side sim - Great Minds and All That

Posted by Lieutenant Dr. Solomon Kane (Medical Research & Development) in side sim - Great Minds and All That

Posted by Lieutenant Alexis Bonner (Scientist, Medical Researcher) in side sim - Great Minds and All That
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Alexis was incredibly easy to read. She didn’t spout off personal things or engage in ‘getting to know’ others but her expressions were incredibly easy to read. Something he said hit a nerve, a raw one. Someone good at interpreting body language could deduce it was personal and not professional. Then she was back in researcher mode. Her mind or part of it anyway ran through why he had shut off the AI and the implications that caused. “One. No they wouldn’t because I’m faster and Smarter than GALEN. I had him locked up before he had the chance to dump those chemicals into two vials together. He was too far away to physically stop him so I contained it. I’m part of the hazmat team. I called it in and everything was done by the book. You’d know that if you had ASKED first. You’re welcome by the way. He was standing over your computer and your work. Two. I’m not working with Hazardous material. You’ve been in the lab all week, you should have enough brain power to figure that one out by now. Three. Is moot, but if you feel so inclined to play king of the hill tell Borchek. He was the one playing with chemicals. Four. Go ahead. You want to throw your ego around, I won’t stop you. Just stay out of my way. You have no place in a research lab. You jump to conclusions without all the facts.” In fact there were chemical burns on the carpet where Borchek had been and Kane’s work station had been messed with. Things were out of place, it had been that way when she arrived, but unlike the rest of the lab she hadn’t cleaned it up, respecting the solitary way he’d worked all week. She counted in her head, “You can deal with that.” And then the warnings of a chemical exposure started going off. She turned away from him back to her station.
Lt Bonner, med research

Kane looked at her chuckled. “Good luck unlocking your work station, mental case.” he said and then shrugged. And he meant it. The lock down on that station was an Intel lock for a potential security breach. Not that she had, but what good were credentials if you couldn’t use them to prove a point? “And as far as my station goes? I don’t care. I’m not stupid enough to keep the important things in a shared space.” and he looked around. “I guess you and Borchek are about the same caliber of researcher, huh?” and he looked at her, his face barely visible through the hair. “One is sloppy and average and one is just… * and he looked directly at her, “… average.”

Kane, R&D

Alexis was past listening to him any more. Her station was fine, she’d been smart enough to use the credentials given her while she was away to keep her labs space secure and away from prying hands. She disappeared under the station. What Kane couldn’t see was this nifty little chip that she plugged into the computer. She understood how it worked and could probably program one, given enough time, but she wasn’t a computer programmer. This is what insured her work stayed classified. It wouldn’t do anything else than retrieve her files and delete them off the computer. Some one else from SFI would probably be able to do more, but that wasn’t her concern. After a moment the computer actually flickered to life briefly the screen showing the computer running at quick speed and then moments later died again. She reappeared a minute later. The samples were put away and her station straightened. She was totally locked out, she realized that now when the computer didn’t react to her requests. She wouldn’t be able to send communications or work the replicator either. He was just like Solis. A control freak and more dangerous than Alexis knew how to deal with.
She’d learned her lesson now, and she wouldn’t work with someone like that. She should have resigned before Solis and Ever had tricked her into that last project. Done with her space, her mind turned to a few of the gadgets in her quarters, she’d have to get in first, no first she’d have to get past the lab door.
Lt Bonner, med research

Both commbadges activated simultaneously. =/\= Lieutenants Bonner and Kane. Im glad to see you have met. =/\= said a female voice. =/\= I had hoped that your first interactions would have gone… smoother… but with the arrogance and lack of vision of you both, I didnt have a lot of hope. Looks like that was the right call. Now, before you end up drawing even more attention to yourselves, I suggest you play nice or I will put Kane back in his hole and I’ll give Bonner a matching hole across the hall. Intel out. =/\= and the comms went dead.

Kane looked at the badge like it was some kind of dead rodent and said “I hate it when they do that!”

Kane, R&D

Alexis listened quietly to the message. Fine, she had to play nice. She wasn’t even going to ask what ‘hole’ he had come out of. She could imagine and she had no desire to see it first hand. She didn’t want to work for those people, but she’d been tricked into it and now as they told her ‘they owned her’ and her research. The only good thing that had come from her time with them was the opportunity to work with no distractions. “Fine” she muttered under her breath. It was a nightmare. Alexis didn’t have the temperament to deal with all the clandestine she’d been thrust into. But she was brilliant, and they’d wanted her to work for them, so now she did. She finally got back to Ogawa, away from Ever, away from Solis, and able to work. Just for them to send someone else to force her to work with. That’s obviously what this was about. She closed her eyes fighting the feeling of being trapped. She would get to work, that’s all that mattered. She was brilliant and no insults from a man with too much muscle and a bully could change that. ‘Play nice.’ She had no intention of playing with the man. He thought he was above her, and he made snap decisions. Fine, she was better than that. “I would like to leave.” It was all he was going to get out of her.
Lt Bonner

Kane looked at her and shrugged. “Not my call now. Containment for the chemical exposure. Had you pulled your he-…” and he stopped. “Never mind. It ain’t worth it.” and he went and sat down at his terminal. He tapped a few commands and then said “Lockdown will be lifted in thirty minutes.” and he glanced at Bonner.

Alexis nodded. She hadn’t broken protocol. She was just faster. How was she supposed to know he’d over react? She used to be the AMO, she had the clearances and the skill. She helped form some of the proceedures for the new ship. She’d made the move because she was good at it, and most of the time she didn’t have to deal with people. She was horrible with people. Always too young to be friends with the older ‘kids’ and too smart for those her age. She sat down at her stool and started tracing complex protein patterns on the top of the work bench with a finger. They had probably sent him here to make sure she kept to their time line. And now she was trapped in the room with him. Gods what she wouldn’t give to be ‘average’. She wasn’t crazy or stupid. Though Solis and Ever tried hard enough to make her that way.

“Got any cards?”

Kane, R&D

“Cards, yeah.” She reached into the desk drawer, at least that opened, and pulled out a pack. When she was waiting for tests to finish and needed something extra to focus on she played several forms of solitaire. She passed him the pack.
Lt Bonner, med research

Kane took the cards and deftly shuffled them. “High card deals.” and he set the deck in between them both. “Cut.” he said, and looked at her.

Kane, R&D

She sighed, ‘Play nice.’ Fine she’d play cards with him. He’d beat her horribly. She was smart enough to ‘count cards’ but had no desire for such things. She just wanted to work. To do the research. She’d have to talk to the CSO about moving labs. And that thought was quickly dismissed. Intel would never allow that. She cut the deck and showed him the card, 2 of diamonds. She was looking towards him but not at him. Her mind processing several other things. With no tangible work to keep her focused, her mind ran along tangents. She replaced the deck and leaned back against the bench behind her.
Lt Bonner

Kane looked at her through the waterfall of hair that fell down his face. His eyes looked as if they were searching for something. Seemingly, he found it. He reached for the deck, shuffled, and cut.

2 of diamonds.

Alexis learned a long time ago not to play cards with someone that was good at shuffling. But she had to ‘play nice.’

“Looks like we are in the same boat.” he said flatly. He knew she was smart… but was she clever, was the question his mind was working on.

Kane, R&D

Alexis pondered his statement, her mind running back over the woman’s words. ‘Back in his hole’ and Alexis would find herself across from him. So if they were in this together what was the boat? She shuffled the deck, put it down, and cut. 7 of clubs. “It seems so, but we aren’t steering and don’t know the destination.”

Kane nodded… once… and took the deck, his eyes not leaving hers. He shuffled and cut.

7 of clubs.

“Tell me about you.” he said, slightly less aggressively.

Kane, R&D

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