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Two Vulcan members of the television crew wandered into the science lab and looked around. “We are looking for the chief science officer,” the female said flatly as she scanned the room. The male looked around and eyed the lab set up before adding, “And any other scientists that would be willing to talk about the work they do here.”

GM Wombat

Looking up from the computer screen at her workstation, Riani let out a soft squeak as she realised that those two must be part of the television crew. Hoping they hadn’t heard her squeak, she said with a slightly trembling voice, “Lieutenant Petrakos is in his office. At least he was about half an hour ago or so.” As she spoke, Ria pointed in the direction of the CSO’s office and hoped that they wouldn’t want to interview her off all people.

~Ensign Iyun, Scientist

Achilleas was indeed in his office and the door was open. He had heard… something, but the words weren’t distinguishable. Curiosity piqued, he got up from his desk and walked to his doorway where he then leaned against it while gazing out.

CSO Petrakos

The first one, a male with a pronounced jaw dipped his head politely at Iyun and moved on towards the CSO’s office. The second, a female, taller than her male counter part and stockier, but softer features stayed with the Ensign. “You squeaked,” she said to Iyun flatly, “Is the gas mix in the new ship not conducive to proper speech patterns?” Out came a notebook and a tap of a button on the side for her glasses. “Please speak honestly and openly. It is imperative that you conceal nothing that would prevent the truth from reaching the masses.”

Her face a bright shade of scarlet, Ria found herself simply staring at the reporter for several moments. When she finally found her voice and the right words to say, she replied with a soft tremble in her voice, “No, the gas mixture is exactly as it should be and had no effects, adverse or otherwise, on anyone. You simply startled me.“ Ria tried to maintain eye contact and to sound as confident as possible. But soon her gaze dropped and she was never brave or confident, especially when talking to strangers.

~Ensign Iyun, Scientist

“No defect in construction of air circulation systems,” the Vulcan dictated as she jotted down notes, “Science jumpy. Tell me, why did I startle you? Is the ship biological outbreaks? How would you compare the scientific safety protocols of the McCoy class to the Nightingale class? Do you feel safer and just jumped from habit or do you feel they were sacrificed in favor of other things?”

“I … I … I don’t know,” Ria stuttered, her voice barely audible. “This is my first posting and I always got easily startled.” By now her face was a flaming red and she wished that the reporter would just leave her alone and stop twisting her words. At least it felt to her like that was what she did.

The first one reached Petrakos about the same time the interrogation, er, interview began. “Lieutenant. We are here to interview you on your perceptions of the scientific capabilities of your new ship, what you think is better about it than the previous incarnation, and a tour such that we can have b roll footage,” he said bluntly before flashing a press pass badge.

GM Wombat

“Ah yes, of course. We were briefed on your contingents arrival. Now we were told to cooperate in any way we could as long as it doesn’t interfere with our duties. I’d like to add to that however in that any of my staff that is to be interviewed be asked for their consent first before doing so.” Achilleas said as he pointedly looked in the direction of Ria and the stocky woman who seemed intent on grilling her.

CSO Petrakos

The first one turned and then back to Petrakos, “We were told all crew were to be compliant with the request, but very well.” He cleared his throat, “Invun. Ask first. The whole crew wasn’t briefed it appears.” With that he went back to Petrakos, “First impressions Lieutenant.”

Invun nodded sharply to the first Vulcan and looked back to Ria. “Do you consent to having your words and image reproduced for promotional material requested by the United Federation of Planets and understand no indemnity is implied regarding the use of your image?”

GM Wombat

Looking like a deer in headlights, Ria looked from Invun to Achilleas and then dropped her gaze. If only the floor would open up beneath her and swallow her whole! She really didn’t want to be interviewed or show up in any promotional material, but she felt like she had no real choice. So she eventually shook her head and mumbled something that may have been an ‘it’s okay’.

~Ensign Iyun, Scientist

Invun nodded sharply and returned to taking notes. Picking up on the Ensign’s reluctance, however, she soon moved along to recording b-roll by wandering around the science labs and looking at everything.

GM Wombat

Relieved that Invun had left her alone, at least for now, Ria returned to her work station and tried to calm herself down a little without drawing any furter attention to herself.

Alexis walked in about that time, ready to get back to work after her ‘temporary assignment.’ Her hair was up in practical bun and now instead of medical white she was wearing science green. She had transferred out of the actual work with patience to medical research and any other research that CSO Petrakos wanted her to do. She was thrilled. And she and Petrakos seemed to get along okay. In fact he had helped her learn to work with free weights, adding to her cardio workout. The Ogawa still had that new ship smell, but she was eager to find out where her lab or work space would be so she could inventory it before she hit medical and psychology for her on boardings. “Hi Iyun.” She wasn’t sure Iyun remembered her, they had only seen each other in passing. She looked at the two strange Vulcans in the labs. “Is everything alright? What’s going on?”
Lt Bonner, Sci

For a spilt second Ria looked startled, maybe even a little afraid, when Alexis addressed her. But the moment she realised that the other woman was not part of the camera crew, but a fellow officer, the young scientist relaxed slightly. “There is a camera team on the ship and they want to interview and film people from every department for some sort of promo, I think,” she replied softly, hoping to be only heard by Alexis. “You are Doctor Bonner, aren’t you?” she asked and hoped that she remembered her name correctly.

~Ensign Iyun, Scientist

Alexis grimaced slightly. She was not good with people so she hoped they didn’t come ask her. She could lecture all day long about what she was going, but it would probably be above their heads. “I see.” And now with her new ‘connections’ she was sure they would rather her stay off the cameras. Though she had plenty of projects she could discuss, but…and Alexis was being a bit too much herself here…only with people who could understand. She nodded to Iyun’s question. “I am, but upon my return I’ve been transferred to science as a medical researcher. I was hoping to catch Petrakos before my onboarding appointments.”
Lt Bonner, med research

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