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Posted May 4, 2021, 2:54 p.m. by Lieutenant Alexis Bonner (Scientist, Medical Researcher) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Lieutenant Dr. Solomon Kane (Medical Research & Development) in side sim - Great Minds and All That

Posted by Lieutenant Alexis Bonner (Scientist, Medical Researcher) in side sim - Great Minds and All That

Posted by Lieutenant Dr. Solomon Kane (Medical Research & Development) in side sim - Great Minds and All That
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Kane chuckled. “Thats a ‘I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.’ story.” and he shook his head dismissively, sending the hair falling across his face even more. “And the tattoo… well.. which one?” and he held up his hands. The backs and palms were covered.
“I have more than a few.”

Kane, R&D

His response was cliche on the surface but after the last few months she didn’t doubt the truth of his words. She half reached for the deck before realizing he hadn’t cut the deck. She left it alone turning her full attention on him. For the first time since he’d walked into the lab at the beginning of the week he had her undivided attention. Alexis could count on one hand the number of times that had happened. The way he held his hands she couldn’t see the tattoo. “It says NDFD with a set of six gold, six-pointed stars in a circle around a field of bright red and blue alternating diagonal bars. But any of them really.”
Bonner, med research

Kane fidgeted with the deck, cutting and splitting it with one hand and looking at the table. “Really… thats not something you should concern yourself with. Suffice it to say…” and he looked up at her, “… they tried to take it off of me and I told them over my dead body.” and he flipped a card over, still with his one hand…

10 of spades.

Kane, R&D

That made her pause. They tried to take it off, but why? There was no point, and as far as she could tell he was healthy. She looked him over looking for signs that he wasn’t and finding none to her trained eye she could think of no legitimate reason to force him to remove his tattoos. Her eyes stopped on his single hand shuffling the cards, fascinated trying to figure out how he did it, kept pulling the same card. She could figure it out, couldn’t she?

She let it go. If he didn’t want to share then she wasn’t going to make him. Everyone was entitled to their privacy. She shuffled the deck for long moment and then cut the deck. “What about the one on your scalp?” She was curious, she couldn’t help it, she’d read about how tattoos were used in different ways. 3 of clubs.
Lt Bonner, med research

“I like dragons.” he said with a smirk. He picked up the deck, shuffled, cut it twice, restacked it, shuffled, and cut it again. 3 of clubs. “What about you? Any…” and he gave her an appraising look, “… interesting parts you want to discuss?” and his grin was less than subtle.

Kane, R&D

How did he do that? She kept watching but she couldn’t figure it out. She raised her gaze as he spoke again and so she didn’t miss the look he gave her or the smile. She had an uncomfortable twisting in her gut. She wasn’t so focused on her work that she didn’t understand his look, but she wasn’t comfortable with it. She’d promised herself to stay away from such things after Solis, and after being forced to work for him and endure is unwelcome attention, she was more determined to keep it that way. She shrugged before shuffling the deck. He no longer had her total attention, retreating back into her research and problems needing solving that accumulated in her head. “They are only interesting to me.” Cut. Jack of Spades. She picked up her PaDD searching the database for a reference to his tattoo and also confirming a formula for RNA conversion, though she already knew it. “A double helix and the periodic table,” she elaborated but distracted.
Lt Bonner

Kane nodded approvingly. “Interesting choice, but seems to fit you.” Shuffle. “Where are they?” Cut. “And why those?” Jack of Spades.

“A double helix, the foundation of life built on top of the periodic table of elements that make up all matter.” Shuffle, cut. Oh she should have said because she liked DNA, like he ‘liked dragons.’ 9 of diamonds. “My back.”

The database search took several seconds, indicating a very obscure search. Finally it came back with a picture of a crest almost identical to the one she saw.

=/\= Heraldic crest of the New Detroit Fire Department circa 2243. One of the few effective civil authorities in the colony of New Detroit, Parsan System, Beta Quadrant. New Detroit was problematic from it’s founding, having many similar issues to it’s Earth namesake: high crime rate, excessive violent crime, corruption, infrastructure failures, poor education, and little opportunity for residents. Syndicate influence was high. The New Detroit Fire Department was often held up as the colony’s only redeeming quality due to their members dedication and bravery. The Department was destroyed when the colony collapsed during the Food Riots of 2251. Violence escalated quickly and culminated with the detonation of a nuclear device by unknown parties.

Forced evacuation by Federation order prior to destruction: 33,727
Estimated dead: 1,867,000
Colony scheduled for resettlement: Not Scheduled At This Time =/\=

Kane, R&D

She glanced at the PaDD. 2251? That was 150 years ago and no current colony? So he didn’t come from there. But if not why was the tattoo so important? And if the colony didn’t exist why did intel want to get rid of it? Her eyes snapped back to him, appraising him again, calculating the possibilities. He said an accident that couldn’t be fixed. Her curiosity got the better if her. “What’s it like to time travel?”
Lt Bonner

Kane had been shuffling but stopped and glared at her. He slowly sat the deck down and put his hands on the table. “I wouldn’t know. I’ve never traveled through time.” and he locked eyes with her. “It was a good guess… but not even close.” and he picked up the cards. He shuffled in silence for a few moments and then said “Why wouldn’t you get Planck’s Quantum Theory under the table? That’s the foundation for reality, which is the foundation of matter, which is the foundation of life. Thats the thing about tats… gotta think them through.” Cut. 9 of diamonds.

Kane, R&D

Not time travel, but not from here? He wasn’t going to tell her, and he was upset with her. Well that was nothing new. Shuffle. This whole day was ruined. She mentally checked the time and sighed. Shuffle. 10 more minutes. “Because I didn’t want Planck’s Quantum Theory. Like I said uninteresting except to me.” Great, now they were back to insults-‘she didn’t think it through’ well it was her body and her choice none of his business. She left the deck sitting there a long time unsure if she would actually cut the deck or not. Finally she reached for it, giving in to the inevitable, cut. 5 of clubs. And for some unknown reason she spoke again, “Besides there’s no room under the table.”
Lt Bonner, med research

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