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Posted by Gamemaster Wombat (Gamemaster) in Main Sim - Transporter Room 1

Posted by Commander Dira Myqian (Executive Officer) in Main Sim - Transporter Room 1
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NE Jackson had the control duty that morning. It was a regular ship but the staff was already abuzz with the news that a documentary crew was coming, and coming was an understatement. The full complement was on the order of 20 people operating all manner of equipment and performing other tasks. It was going to be chaos for the next few days that was for sure but it sounded like it might be fun. Jackson really didn’t care, as they say, he worked for a living.

Soon the indicator went off, alerting the NE that the crew was ready to beam aboard. Transporter room 2 was handling the cargo transference so at least he didn’t have to worry about that. NE K’via, bless her heart, had to deal with that. With a tap of the board the shimmering sound started and the first six started to coalesce.

When the process stopped there, at the head was short man, maybe five two in his platform boots, with bleached blond hair, oversized sunglasses, and a flamboyant red and blue silk scarf around his neck. The rest of his body was covered in equally outlandish clothing of clashing patterns and colors. “Where is she!?” he demanded of the NE in an overly excited voice. “I want to see this angelic CO I have been promised!” While he was talking to the NE he snapped his fingers, “Boris, Svetlana. Start combing the halls looking for pretty people to interview. I want this to be glamorous! They didn’t ask us to do it for nothing!” Two strikingly similar humans of Russian decent nodded and started heading off towards the exit. “Sena, be a good girl and head over to engineering. I have heard of a so called green engineer. I want so much B roll we have nothing to worry about there. Perfect side show material!” The beleaguered Bolian nodded and gave a heavy sigh before grabbing her bag and wandering out.

With a sharp turn the short man turned back to Jackson, “Well!? Where is she?! Is she keeping me waiting?”

The ensign sighed and tapped his badge, =/\= NE Jackson to CO and XO. Our… Guests have arrived.=/\=

GM Wombat



Heavenly beings, it is said, appear in times of great turmoil or trouble. There Hellish counterparts often do the same. Into the room, in the Nick of time to prevent anyone leaving hopefully, strode not the short red haired captain but rather the long haired platinum blonde visage of Ensign Charlie. Her porcelain featured beamed a 1000 volt smile at the beamed aboard guests.

“Hi!” She said in such an upbeat tone that she seemed the dictionary definition of bubbly. “Welcome to the Ogawa, I’m Ensign Charlie, our Captain asked me to greet you, assist with any of your needs and ensure you were recognised by our computer system before you met with her. Is there anything you need right now?”

In response to Jackson’s comm Willows voice said. =^= Understood, please standby.=^=

Ens Charlie

“Golfink,” the short man said extending his hand palm down in a gesture seeming to indicate he was half expecting the ensign to kiss it. “I am hear to make you all look amazing. We are going to have to…” He looked at the Trill next to him, and motioned, “Pull her hair back. I want to see if she looks better with it pulled back… You know what? Just take over one of the cargo bays and get the stylists in there setting up. Make up for every one. EVERYONE!” He glanced around eagerly, “And see what you can do about this horrible lighting. It is so… Industrial.”

The woman nodded and sighed heavily taking notes and speaking with a couple of other staff next to her before leaving, with a long suffering roll of her eyes. Once she was gone the man continued with Charile, “That was Preem. Best assistant in the business. Can’t find them like her anymore. I don’t know what I would do with out her… Anyway what do you think of the Nightengale? Be honest with me. Just between you and I.”

GM Wombat

The transporter room doors opened and several security personnel stepped in, including their Chief, Lt. Zoi Haven. She smiled politely and went to introduce herself. “Good day to you all. I am Lt. Zoi Haven, Chief of Security for the USS Ogawa. I am sure the Captain will be here momentarily to greet you. My security crewman will accompany you all as you make your way through the ship for your work.” She waved to the group of security officers now standing inside and outside the doorway to the transporter room. “Do you need to be escorted to your quarters first, or would you like to begin work?”

Haven, CoS

Golfink examined Zoi for a moment with critical eyes from his short perch, not quite sure what to do with her before flipping his scarf back over his shoulder and giving her a wide smile, “Darling I am always working! Now lets take a look at you. Give me a scowl. Security chiefs need to scowl.” He waited half a second with anticipatory eyes before continuing, “Or if you can’t scowl why not just imposing? Make me want to believe that you aren’t being helpful that you are trying to contain my crew. Lifts! We need lifts in her! Anything less than six one just won’t do!”

Zoi was not used to being scrutinized this way. Then before she could feel more discomfort than she would like, he had smiled and was buzzing around her like a bee and just as mildly annoying. Her smile fell as he spoke, though she did not scowl for him and it took all of her personal will power NOT to roll her eyes. And there was no way she was going to don lifts to make herself taller. She was tall enough and did not wish to wear anything that might upset her balance.

He didn’t even wait for the response from the Chief before he was examining the other security officers, “Not as, menacing as I had hoped.” He motioned to two of the NEs, “Go find Preem in one of the cargo bays, no I don’t know which one she commandeered you are police go investigate or something, and tell her I said to make you look like… Well just tell her you are with security and are supposed to be intimidating she will know what to do.” He glanced back to Zoi, “Well? No time to waste. If we are going to make you out to be the tactical genius of the hospital we shan’t want to dilly dally.”

GM Wombat

She watched as he started ordering her people around. They looked to her when he told them to go find Preem and get themselves dolled up. She almost smiled in amusement, but knew her own torture on this mission was just beginning. She nodded to them, giving permission for them to follow the buzzing man’s orders for now. They would keep an eye on Preem at least.

Zoi returned her attention to Golfink and her eyebrow lifted. “I am a tactical genius. I already look like one because I am one.” She said politely though her jaw was clenched and her eyes glittered with a hint of danger towards the man. She didn’t like the implication that only burley and bulky men could be tactical geniuses and security chiefs because they looked like them. At least she hadn’t put herself in security detail rotation. Let her JO’s handle the daily mess. She could handle the actual problems that would inevitably arise from this “mission.”

Haven, CoS

The demeanour of the retreating security staff did not go unnoticed by the ship’s first officer as she approached the Transporter Room. Stepping in, the tension was palpable and her dark eyes assessed their guests. “Hello. I’m Commander Dira Myqian, ship’s First Officer,” she greeted with a bow of her head. It wasn’t her custom (nor neither of her cultures’ to shake hands so she didn’t offer her hand. She glanced out of her corner of her eye at Haven, hoping to be reassuring.

Commander Myqian, XO

The small little man looked Dira over and then walked around behind her then to the side making little hand motions before nodding. “You will do. Hair… hmm. Just like that I think but we definitely need to get some eyeliner in here and get those lashes to pop.”

Dira’s forehead knit, accentuating the bulges that ran along the bones of her brows. “Shouldn’t it be my choice if I wear makeup or not?” she said flatly. This was an awkward situation and she knew there was a certain amount of diplomacy needed but she also wouldn’t let these guests run wild and upset the crew.

Glanced back to Zoi, “I have no doubt that you are a tactical genius I want to believe you are. Now which look do you prefer, misunderstood genius something with a touch of crazy? You probably can pull off the Admiral King look… We want stern but not Vulcan. No one responds well to Vulcans. They do well as science types but test oh so poorly as lovable and endearing.” He reached up and scratched his chin, “Hands behind your back shoulders straight, please.”

With that he looked back to Dira, “You too. Something regal. Make me want to respect you. You are the faces of the Nightingale. Make me want to hang up my camera and join medical school! I want little children throughout the Federation to fly around is boxes pretending they are members of the crew. Your crew! Also where. is. the. captain? I feel like she is avoiding me and that just won’t do!”

GM Wombat

“Captain Taylor will be here when she is able,” Dira said, taking a step closer to the man who practically vibrated not just excitement but a sense of ownership over the whole situation. Her posture was already very good, but she could take on something more imposing if she needed.

Myqian studied Golfink. She knew the type. They could get away with practically anything, or so they believed. “Listen, and listen well. The job the officers and crew of this ship do is not easy. It’s not always glamorous. It’s not going to have the pop and sparkle you so clearly want it to have.” She stepped a tiny bit closer, and folded her arms across her chest, her dark eyes taking him in. She didn’t look angry, but there was definitely something hard in her gaze. “I’m all for showing people what life is like on a medical ship, but you will not, and I repeat not create any situation where anyone is harmed. And that doesn’t just mean physically. I am responsible for this crew and I will not let them be harassed. Now, I am happy to help you how I can but you will respect the boundaries people lay out for you, and so help me if you touch anyone without their permission, I will have you brought up on charges of assault and you can direct your promotional piece from the brig. Am I very clear?”

She wasn’t hostile in anyway, but Dira was also no push over and she would not let the crew be pushed around either.

Commander Myqian, XO

Golfink swallowed once as he watched Myqian intently. When she was done he was silent for a long time, close to 30 full seconds before he reached up and wiped a tear from his eye and started applauding. “Perfect! Just perfect! Keep that power, that presence, oh I just love it! That is gold right there, so many good lines to… Oh keep going keep going! Love it.”

He then waved his hand, “Oh and I don’t touch people I don’t have to. I have people for that. Good people. Best in the business. We will make you all look…” He put the fingers of his left hand together in a bunch then blew a kiss, blooming out the finger tips. “Perfect. You just go about doing your job and giving talks like that and everything will be fine. Oh the awards we will win!”

GM Wombat

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