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Myqian smiled warmly. “I’m not afraid of questions. Questions have been my career,” she said with a laugh. “And I like it. I’m still getting to know the Ogawa better but so far I’m very impressed with both the working facilities as well as the recreational areas. I’ve been on other ships of varying sizes before and I’ve worked at Starfleet Medical, but this is my first actual medical vessel that I’ve served on. I think it’s going to be a fascinating experience,” she said, not hiding the thread of excitement she had been feeling all day.

Commander Myqian, XO

“It helps that the Command staff is a bit better than her last assignment,” a human male abruptly said as he took a seat on the other side of Dira. Unlike the Engineering uniform he was frequently seen wearing, he was dressed in an understated dark blue shirt and khakis. Unlike Aizala, he did not bother to ask permission to join because he knew Dira well enough to know that he already had it.

With a grin, Dira turned to face more outwards. .”Well, half of them, anyway,” she quipped.”good to see you surface. I was considering the necessity of sending a search party.”

“Pfft,” Bob said quitely. “Good luck to them trying to find their way around the ‘lung’…”

“Bourbon whiskey, please,” he requested from the bartender.

The bartender looked over Bob for a moment and then nodded before disappearing.

“Hi,” he said now directly to Aizala. “I don’t know anyone on this starship socially except for her. My name’s Bob.” There was an earnestness in how he said these things that seemed to simultaneously be casual but also betray a lingering stress.

– Robert Mason, CE

“I’m Dr. Tija Aizala,” she replied with a warm smile and then added after a brief moment of hesitation, “But Aizala is fine.” For various reasons she had never been on a first name basis with any of her fellow officers. But she wanted this assignment to be a new start. And not only professionally. So first names with those who offered them first it was. “We are in the same boat, then. With not really knowing anyone socially, I mean,” she continued. She had noticed the hint of stress in him, decided not to say anything about it, instead she asked, “What department are you part of?”

~Lt. Tija, Doctor

A drink was slid to Bob and it would smell decidedly like real bourbon too.

Bob sniffed the glass, and raised an eyebrow in surprise. He considered the odor along with his new acquaintance, and seemed to smile slightly.

Dira could have made another quip, or explained, but she didn’t like answering for people. Instead, she sipped her wine and watched the exchange.

Commander Myqian, XO

“En-gin-eer-ing,” he said. The syllables came out at something of an odd pace; slowly and with extra emphasis, as though for some sort of dramatic effect. “I help make the ship go. You can only see me now because I might have actually figured out how this new ship works. It is remarkably more complicated than the previous one, in part because it is actually… erm… working.

“‘Our ships in space,’” Bob said as he held up his glass, making the toast of the day for Monday.

– Robert Mason, CE

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