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Posted May 5, 2021, 11:09 a.m. by Ensign Garion 'Oz' Rivanson (Security Officer) (Russell Watt)

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Posted by Ensign Garion ‘Oz’ Rivanson (Security Officer) in Main Sim - Hallways

Posted by Gamemaster Wombat (Gamemaster) in Main Sim - Hallways
Boris and Svetlana started to rove the hallways looking for Ensigns, and well anyone that they thought might be of interest. A few caught their eye and they began to be followed around, almost creepily, in their pursuit of interesting people to interview.

GM Wombat

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Garion had just finished his latest kendo practice and was leaving the holodeck as Boris and Svetlana were patrolling the decks of the ship looking for victims interviewees, beneath his kendo uniform his upper left bicep was still strapped beneath the uniform. It was still tender and Garion intended to ice it up just as soon as he returned to his quarters. He spotted Boris and Svetlana, and he paused, waiting for them to catch up to him.

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Svetlana turned her icy blue eyes torwards Rivanson and the twins approached him with a weird matching smile on their lips, but it was Boris who spoke. “Ensign. Have you been on the Ogawa long?” Svetlana shoved a camera in the man’s face so that he couldn’t escape being recorded no matter what he said.

GM Wombat

“No, not long, this is my first mission on the Ogawa, Sir,” Garion replied, “I’m Ensign Garion Rivanson, Security, are you both enjoying your time on the ship?”

Garion tried to keep his focus on Boris and not the camera operated by Svetlana as he spoke. His Aunt Pol told him that would be rude.

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