Side Sim: New Friends at the Lounge

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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Solal Segal (Oncology and Immunology) in Side Sim: New Friends at the Lounge
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Achilleas arrived at the lounge with Ria in tow, a bit early to the arranged time to meet up with Solal. He wasn’t feeling nervous in that he’d be introducing his girlfriend to his new friend as he knew they were both fantastic people and would likely get along splendidly. Surveying the lounge he spotted a nicely secluded table that had a good buffer of empty space around it and led the way there. Upon arriving at the table he pulled out a chair for Ria with a smile. “My love.”

CSO Petrakos

Rising briefly to her tiptoes, Ria placed tender kiss on Achilleas’ cheek before slipping onto the offered chair. She was a little nervous as she always was when meeting new people. Not that Solal really was someone she didn’t know. They had met before. Most memorably during the fungus incident on the Starbase when she had forced a hat, tea and cake upon the poor man. And even though the Ogawa was a large ship, she had seen him a few times in the corridors. While the memory of the incident only added to her nervousness, Achilleas’ presence helped to alleviate it. And she knew that he and Solal were friends, so it couldn’t go too terribly, could it?

~Ensign Iyun, Scientist

Achilleas grinned after Ria kissed his cheek and waited for her to get settled before he pulled one of the other chairs next to hers. He settled himself down beside her as he glanced around the lounge again before turning his attention back fully on Ria. “Thank you for joining me here. I think you’ll both get along pretty well. Solal tends to be very Vulan-centric but he has a soft spot that he tries to cover with logic.”

CSO Petrakos

“I hope so, “Ria replied softly as she reached for Achilleas’ hand.

Achilleas smiled softly as he gave his hand to Ria to hold.

The time that worked for both Ria and Achilleas happened to be just barely after Solal came off duty, and he headed to the lounge straight from sickbay, still in his uniform. Upon entry to the lounge, he nodded first to Achilleas, with whom he was already familiar, and then to Ria. He recognized her from the fungus incident, but he held nothing against her. She’d had fungus in her head, after all. “Good to properly meet you. I am Solal,” he said to her.

~ Lt JG Solal, Doctor

“It’s good to meet you too. You can call me Ria, if you like,” she greeted Solal in return. Unlike him, she wasn’t in her uniform. Instead she was wearing a knee-long denim skirt with a lace trimming along the hem, black ballerina flats, a simple lilac coloured t-shirt and an ivory coloured cardigan. For once only the top layer of her long hair was pulled back in a braid.

~Ensign Iyun, Scientist

Achilleas grinned up at Solal and motioned with his free hand to an empty chair at their table. “Have a seat. Thanks for joining us. Would either of you like something to drink? I can pop over to the replicator real quick.”

CSO Petrakos

Solal took a seat in the empty chair. “Of course. A green tea would be excellent.” He said. He turned to Ria, and in an attempt at polite conversation asked, “So, you are a scientist?”

~ Lt JG Solal, Doctor

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