Side Sim - Somewhere That Isn't Here

Posted Aug. 13, 2021, 9:48 a.m. by Lieutenant Dr. Solomon Kane (Chief Science Officer/Research & Development) (James Sinclair)

Lieutenant Commander Soulis lay on the biobed as the ortho-regenerator worked on his broken jaw and his broken ribs. He was in pain, but more than that he was angry. He winced as the device helped fill the crack in his jaw he received when a particularly hard elbow landed there the day before. ‘I don’t know who that bas^%$d was, but he will get his. No one does this to me and walks away…’ he thought to himself.

‘So… Alexis has a man, does she? Well… that won’t last.’ he thought some more. ‘I need that brain of hers. I have too much riding on this to see it fall apart just because I can’t figure out the proper-‘ and he opened his eyes when the door to his room slid open.

An older human man and a Bajoran woman came in, both dressed in the uniform of Star Fleet Intelligence, but Soulis didn’t recognize either. The woman looked at Soulis but said nothing… the man chuckled. “So… how ya feelin’?” he asked and then chuckled again before a look form the woman caused him to stop and clear his throat. “So, Lieutenant Commander. Want to tell us why you are lying here looking like you just tried to stop a shuttle crash with your face?”

Soulis glared but looked at the man. “I was assaulted, I’ll have you know.” he said through closed teeth. “And while I do not know who you are, I can tell you that if I find out the guilty party works for you, whoever you are, then I will be filing a full report with your superiors.” and he glared wide eyed at the man.

The Bajoran stepped forward and said “You know quite well that isn’t an option. And you would do quite well to stay in your own lane. The man you… had an exchange with… does indeed work for me. And he will continue to work for me long after your paths cease to cross. And looking at you, and knowing him like I do, I would say he gave you a warning. Next time, I doubt he will be so restrained. So do as I say… and stay away from the Ogawa and Lieutenant Bonner.” Soulis’s eyes narrowed and he started to speak but the woman shook her head. “No no… don’t talk. I know what you are going to say anyway. And yes, I know all about you and Lieutenant Bonner. And if it wasn’t for your current assignment, I doubt anyone would try and stop me from putting some much needed distance between you and her… and all of society. But alas…” and she moved and sat on the edge of the bed on the side of him Kane had kicked.

“Leave him, her, and that ship alone… and in that order. You are tugging a tail, and you don’t know what it’s attached to. I would be careful.” Her eyes moved slowly down his form until she came to the regenerator working on his ribs. “You did get off light… ” she said and stood up and began to walk to the door. “Good day, Lieutenant.” and Soulis raised his head and said “Lieutenant Commander!”. The woman stopped in the doorway and turned.

“Only if you do what you’re told, Ensign.”

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