Patrol Duty (Open to All)

Posted June 8, 2021, 1:01 p.m. by Frigga (Thera-pet) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Lieutenant Kyle Anders (Security Officer) in Patrol Duty (Open to All)
Lieutenant Kyle Anders always found patrol duty to be one of the easier jobs in his field; making sure no one was trying to kill each anyone else, that sort of thing. The young man did have to admit to himself however, that patrolling the seemingly endless decks of a ship designed to offer Medical aid to those in need did bring with it some more interesting encounters. With that in mind, Anders had looked forward to his patrols ever since he began working them in the first week after he came on board the Ogawa. With that in mind, after checking in at the Security Office, Anders checked himself in the reflective steel of the bulkhead and began working his way through the corridors of Deck 10.

-Lieutenant Kyle Anders: Security Officer-

Down the corridor in the crew quarters a tan, white, and black Icelandic sheep dog came bounding out of a set of quarters, lopping down the corridor, tail wagging as she went. She was wearing a bright green collar and harness, but was without a person.”

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