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“Hey, now there’s an idea,” Myqian quipped.

“I’m glad you like it, Commander,” Bob said simply and politely. She of course, knew him well enough to unambiguously understand that response.

Elin placed her glass down, somewhat more forcefully then necessary, as she attempted, mostly successfully, not to spit out her current mouthful of water. Shaking her head, she tried to send a reproachful look the CE’s way but it was ruined by the smile that insisted on sneaking out.

Dr. Elin Howell COPsych

The Engineer’s eyes briefly darted in Dr. Howell’s direction, before darting back. There was no other betrayal of the paper-thin charade that this was a completely honest, constructive suggestion.

Snazzy drama, Zoi shook her head and looked less than thrilled. Cameras always change the way people act. It is going to be inevitable that someone will mess up due to their attention being drawn by the cameraman or reporter. She wrinkled her nose. “I can’t say no, but I hope they stay out of the way. I would hate for one of them to get hurt because they are too enthusiastic about following the “Drama”. When do we reach our mission objective site? What is going on there?”

Haven, CoS

Something horrible happened in Drake’s mind. If they wanted Snazzy… he could provide something approximating that. And a little more fun for him. A question did strike him though. “Are we expected to narrate our work for an uneducated audience?”

-Dr Drake Marshall

There were a lot of good questions to be asked that she believed they should get answers to but Dira’s mind was thinking about this from the perspective of a new team. “We’re all still getting to know each other yet. I would hate for any misunderstandings to create a difficult work environment because there are camera’s in our faces.’ She was generally unflappable, but toss someone in her face endlessly and even her touted patience would wear thin. “But if this is the situation we’re being dealt, then we’re just going to have to be on our best behaviour, now aren’t we?”

Commander Myqian, XO

“Speaking of behavior, are their parameters set on their behavior?” Bob now asked more seriously. “You know, restricted areas and whatnot.” As someone responsible for the single largest restricted area on the ship, this important for him to have clarity on.

– Robert Mason, CE

Achilleas sat back in his chair while smiling the whole while. He didn’t have any problems with camera crew, so he didn’t have any constructive criticism or suggestions, but he was enjoying everyone else’s reactions.

CSO Petrakos

She was glad Mason had asked that question. Zoi wondered if the camera crew were there to observe or there to create drama where there was none before. Would Star Fleet scrap the project if there was nothing of dramatic substance to show? “And, an extension to Lt. Mason’s question, is security going to have to keep them in line with whatever their rules of conduct are?”

Haven, CoS

About that time the report came in from the bridge. Medical supplies and food stuffs bound for Unroth III had been loaded and mission parameters set. This was a true milk run for the Ogawa: Take the supplies, make sure everyone was ok since the Empire had all but abandoned them, and come back to Starbase 157 for further orders. Easy Peasy.

GM Wombat

Willow looked at the PaDD with the update from the bridge. “They will need to be accompanied by security. There are of course areas of the ship they should be escorted around on tour and others not to be allowed in. I have been assured they will not hinder the operations of the ship. “ she said.

She then sent the orders update to each department heads PaDDs. “These are our orders. As we have them.”

Willow Taylor

Brad scrolled through the mission parameters. “Oh good, another one of these,” he said. That supernova was going to cause problems for the next century at least. He certainly didn’t hold out any hope for the Romulan remnants getting their act together before he retired, maybe not even before he died.

Cmdr. Dr. Brad Walker
Chief of Staff

Willow nodded grimly. She had also had a similar reaction. “We go where we are needed and no one can deny that they need supplies and help.” She said then made a face. “What we don’t want is drama so please, can you instruct your staff to keep everything so much by the book that the next edition they update to the academy classes will literally have our picture on every example.” Here, for whatever reason, she cast a glance at Drake.

Willow Taylor

Observing the group gathered, Dira was making mental notes of how best to prepare for this interesting addition to what could be a fraught mission. There were a lot of things to consider when heading to Romulan space, even if they were invited and on a mission of mercy. They all had to be working together as well as they could and quickly or else… no, there was no other option.

Commander Myqian, XO

Zoi hadn’t particularly thought of her face being in Academy videos and scenarios. IT made her a little uncomfortable but she would have time to work through that discomfort before the crew arrived. At least they could try to take solace… er pride in being a part of making sure academy graduates were well trained. And perhaps, they could recruit more talented individuals to Star Fleet.

Haven, CoS

Achilleas continued to pay attention to the meeting while still grinning at the fun that was likely to happen. He didn’t mind the attention in the least and he hoped he could keep things interesting.

CSO Petrakos

“Alright, there’s only so much we can do at this moment,” Dira said. “A lot of this will be about adjusting as we go. We have an assignment and we’re going to be under watchful eyes. The last thing we need is people being wound so tight they make careless mistakes and have it captured on video. So, talk to you teams and let’s make sure the lines of communication are open. And for the record, if you or your teams feel like you’re being harassed, I’m here. I will shut that down so fast they won’t even know what ship they’re on,” she said with a gleam in her dark eyes.

“Now any final questions or concerns before we adjourn?” the XO asked.

Commander Myqian, XO

Ensign Charlie approached Willow as Dira spoke and whispered something in her ear. The captain straightened looking mildly shocked. “Are you serious?” She asked the young girl who grinned in response and shook her head, with a sigh Willow then added.

“And anyone who has an adverse reaction to make up, should make themselves known.”

Willow Taylor

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