Side Sim- R&D Lab- Bait Is Important When Fishing (Tag Bonner)

Posted June 17, 2021, 4:23 p.m. by Lieutenant Dr. Solomon Kane (Medical Research & Development) (James Sinclair)

The R&D Lab was dark at that time of the morning. Kane walked in and made sure no one was slated to come in for a while and then locked the door. He went to the office he had yet to move into and activated the comms. As the system came online, he keyed in a numerical sequence and the screen went dark for a long few moments before coming alive again with a green screen and a large group of random icons. He watched as they moved around the screen in seemingly random patterns and then touched six of them in order. A text interface activated and he typed in yet another series of words and numbers.

Another pause and then a man’s face filled the screen and it was obvious he had just been asleep. =/\= Yeah, this is - aw, dammit. No. Whatever it is you want, the answer is no. How the hell did you get this channel anyway, Kane? Know what, never mind. Just… No. =/\= The man reached for the screen and Kane said =/\= I need your help. =/\= That was all he said. No inflection, no look, just those four words… and the man froze and his eyes opened wide in shock and surprise. =/\= Did… di- … did you say you needed my help? Seriously? ‘Cause if you are fu@^!^g with me I’ll kick your a$$. =/\= Kane cocked his head to the side and said =/\= Nope. Serious. Do it, and I won’t bug you again. =/\= The man leaned way back and stared at Kane for a long time.

=/\= Ok. What do you need? =/\= Kane nodded and said =/\= I’m gonna send you a file, very vague. I need you to make sure that a specific person in Intel comes across it while they are looking into me. Because they are definitely looking into me. =/\= The man nodded and said =/\= Yeah, I heard you whooped some guy and put him in the hospital. =/\= and fell silent. Kane nodded and said =/\= Right. So I need him to find the file. It’s not classified or anything… in fact it’s fake. But I need him to believe it’s real… and no one knows anything about it except it’s really important. Like career-making important. Maybe attach your name and wait for him to call; play it up as ‘you cant talk about this’, ‘how dare you speak about this on a comm ‘ blah blah blah… you know the drill. But make certain he believes this is a high priority, highly classified, high clearance eyes-only kind of thing. I need him to buy it so hard he wants it for himself. =/\=

The man stared at Kane for a long time and then said =/\= Who are you baiting? You tell me, and then I’ll tell you if I’ll do it. =/\= Kane took a breath and said =/\= Commander Soulis, don’t know the rest of his name. =/\= The man’s eyes narrowed. =/\= Soulis… yeah. I know the guy. He the one you kicked the crap out of? =/\= Kane just nodded once. The man took a deep breath…

=/\= You shoulda killed the bastard. I’m in. =/\=

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