Rock Paper Mecha! - Holodeck with Cai

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Octavia was nervous, she’d never shared her ‘hidden’ love for anime and cosplay with anyone but something about Cai made her feel both easy and uneasy but also enough so she had invited him to the holodeck, she’d spent so much time playing adult that she sometimes forget she was still rather young. She had donned her purple wig and was wearing a female mecha pilots uniform which meant it was a little revealing and left little to the imagination as the fabric clung very tightly to her body, to her side was a pistol and on her back a katana. Beside her on the helipad was the large mecha ‘Dante’s Endavour’ the mecha was huge and painted in purple and yellows with a large eagle in the middle. The weapons of choice, a 120mm high-velocity repeating Gauss cannon attached over its shoulder and typically stowed, a katana and a small bolt pistol which fired High-velocity armour piercing HESH rounds. It was a pretty decent Kaiju killing machine.

The main reason she had invited Kai was that Dante required a Co-pilot, and usually shed just use a hologram but it was nothing like having a real person.

As she sat on the edge of the large platform she kicked her feet back and forth throwing rocks and screw which had been left out on the helipad into the water 100ft below her. It was warm and the sun at least felt good on her back, if Cai didn’t turn up at least she was able to have a moment to herself.

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The holodeck door opened onto the helipad and dressed in a similar outfit but coloured black this time the electric blue hair slightly shorter than it had been previously and spiked Cai appeared. He chewed on his black metal lip ring and scowled blushing slightly he approached. “What.” He said as he arrived beside her and sat down beside her on the eve. “Am I wearing?” He looked around.


She laughed throwing another screw into the water below, “You are wearing the co-pilot suit for Dante’s Endeavour and I” She said running her hands from head to toe “am wearing the pilot suit though there really isn’t much difference between the two, yours is black and mine is purple I figured black would be your colour” And she hoped he’d guess Purple was her favourite colour too. “Thanks for coming I mean you owe me for throwing me under the bus with Dr Death” Her spine shivered at the thought of the dentist. “So think you’re up for piloting Dante?”

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The boy grinned “he’s actually really nice. Creepy to look at but once you get over that he’s a total softy. You weren’t ever in any danger.”

Octavia knew that Starfleet would never employ someone who would likely cause harm but she enjoyed teasing him and blaming him for any orthodontist treatment she may need in the future.

He looked up at the mecha “I mean…this is fairly kool. Did you program this?”


Shaking her head, “The program isn’t mine I wish I could program something like this but the mech is my own design, the names, colours, weapons and such It’s taken me a few years I’ve been thinking about adding a tail which can detach and has its own boosters so it can cut up any enemy. She put her hands on her hips, “Dante’s Endeavour, he’s awesome.” Octavia pointed to the large black cylindrical item stowed over its shoulder “That there is Gale, a 120mm high-velocity repeating Gauss cannon, that crane there is reattaching the Katana made from a mixture of Diamond and reinforced steel and then that” She pointed to the gun in its hand “That is a bolt pistol which fires combined HVAP HESH round” She looked to Kai, High-Velocity armour piercing High-explosive squash head rounds basically the HESH rounds tip explode on impact creating an opening and the Armour piercing penetrates the target combining them is like driving a nail continuously with explosives until the target dies or we shoot right through it. Wanna get in? I won’t lie the first time is a bit sickening. I’ll go easy on you!” She winked before stepping off.

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Despite himself, despite his perpetual existence as the resident moody teen Cai grinned. “Dude…this is epic. I mean…let’s do this thing then.” He said


They ascended in the elevator to the gangway which led directly into the chest of the mech, Octavia went in first and picked up a helmet on the side and threw it to Cai before taking her own, it had several blue and pink neon strips on a black background. “Ok so first thing first is we inject ourselves with some nanites, they’ll act as an internal communicants device and also relay the mechs sensory data straight into our minds, we’ll feel exactly what it would feel.” She picked up a vial and pressed it into her wrist and held out the other for him.

“Good morning Dante begin the boot-up sequence.” Octavia readied herself for the Zego G environment and the ‘pilot module’ to dissolve into a 360 view. “Oh this is the sickening part.” As the boot initialised they were both magnetically drawn to the centre one on the right and one of the left and both facing forward so that they were very close, her right wrist and his left wrist sealed together by use of the suits magnetic bracelets they now moved as one. The two teens had no control of their body, next was what she called the ‘plunge’ as they both felt the Zero-G environment commence making their stomach turn over like on a rollercoaster or simply falling out the sky having been pushed as the world around them turned dark as their neural link integrated images and thoughts bounced between the two of them until finally the spinning and falling stopped.

Cai felt his stomach plummet and twist. But he had done zero G training. He could deal with this, despite the fact he now regretted the sandwich he had eaten before coming down here.

“Intilisaiton complete, pilot sycnronisaiton within tolerable peramiters at 98% compatibility. Good Morning Pilot Octavia and Pilot Cai, Ready for Mech hand off”

Octavia turned to Cai, looking down at their joined wrists, “Ready?” She smiled.

“Hell yeah” the blue haired teen grinned.

“Pilots accepting Mech handoff in , 3..2..1..” the screens dissolved into the 3D view, they were no longer in the belly of the mech instead… they were the Mech. “Ok” Came Octavias voice in Cai’s mind, “The Mech responds to our orders both physical and mental the neuro link between us means we can hear and feel each other’s thoughts so we can act in unison. Lets try reaching out hands out.”

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Cai concentrated on his hands and willed the hand to move. “They make this look easier in the show.” He said internally.


Octavia chuckled, “You know the idea behind the link means I can hear your thoughts, but you’re right it’s alot hard than It seems.” Smiling she reach out her left arm and the mech obeyed, this time speaking in thier minds. “Think of it as an extension of your own arm, its not something to be controlled it’s just something a part of you, natural. Like breathing” she enjoyed watching his excitement.

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