Dinner and A Show

Posted June 19, 2021, 2:27 p.m. by Lieutenant Kyle Anders (Security Officer) (Kieron Hoult)

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Posted by Lieutenant Kyle Anders (Security Officer) in Dinner and A Show

Posted by Trinity Fister in Dinner and A Show
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“Quite,” Anders replied, “My family have Scottish relatives dating back to the 20th century. As you can tell, I never picked up the accent.” Kyle winked and poured a smaller measure for himself, “On my 18th birthday, my Dad brought me to a distillery belonging to some distant uncle of his, ever since, I’ve been keeping bottles of the stuff aside for special occasions.” Before Anders could reply, he noticed that the jazz band on the stage behind them was coming to the end of a song, “Ahh,” he said with a wry smile, “I think that’s my cue.”

“I have to hand it to your distant grand-uncle,” Ruvre frowned at the way the term rolled off her tongue but quickly brushed it away, “he’s mastered the art.” Her lips parted to impart another question onto Kyle, but his attention drifted to the stage before she seized the opportunity. She sensed only the glimmer of a growing idea. Curiously, she edged forward and echoed, “your cue?”

Within seconds, Kyle had hopped out of the chair and scrambled, albeit slightly awkwardly up on to the stage. The holographic band initially looked rather confused, but after a quick explaination from the young man, Anders relieved the man at the keys and spoke into the microphone with a soft, relaxed voice, “Good evening ladies and gentlemen, my name is Kyle Anders and I would like to dedicate the next song to a lovely lady in the audience this evening, you know who you are,” Kyle winked in Ruvre’s general direction. After counting the band in, Kyle led them in a slowed down ballad version of the Jazz, crooner standard, ‘I’ve Got You Under My Skin’

-Lieutenant Kyle Anders: Security Officer-

Viasse shared the band’s bewildered expression, but hers endured when theirs eased into a knowing glint. What had he told them? Ruvre shot an amusedly sceptical look Kyle’s way, her sombre gaze tracing the small band before her. Soon, his voice saturated the space between them. Tempered and smooth in its composure, it escorted a rosy hue to her dark cheeks. But sooner than to betray her reserve, Ruvre lifted the glass to her lips and grinned (somewhat bashfully) over its rim.

Anticipation couldn’t diminish the wonder that swept through Ruvre Viasse’s features. Her body swayed to the music, sensing the passion and grace that met the air in a tender embrace, a smile tethered to her lips. His song chased away her sheepishness, replaced it with a feeling of awe and reverence. She could entertain computerised tapes and records until her ears bled, but it would never compare to the beauty of a present, tangible voice — a voice like Kyle’s.

So, she lingered there, wholly unaware that she’d become lost in the moment, and simply listened.

— NDr. Ruvre Viasse

Kyle couldn’t help but smile as he watched the look on Ruvre’s face become more and more whistful. He had to admit to himself that he was resisting the urge to show off, but couldn’t help to add a few small piano licks into his performance. After two verses, Kyle allowed the band to take over for him and he crossed over to centre stage, outstreching his arm, “May I have this dance?” he asked with a child like grin.

-Lieutenant Kyle Anders: Security Officer-

His presence weighed on her mind, but Viasse held out for a note longer. When she peeled her eyes open, he stood centre stage with a hand outstretched and a boyish grin on his face. She couldn’t help but smile. His question traversed the air, filling her expression with giddy mischief. Before her tongue could release a coy remark, her feet guided her to him and she slipped her hand into his. “You may,” she hummed and stepped up to meet him face-to-face.

– NDr. Viasse

‘I hope you can waltz,’ Kyle said with a wink stretching his arm into the lead position. As the band played an instrumental version of ‘Under My Skin’ with a slower timbre behind it. The two waltzed together for a good couple minutes before they were face to face once more.

-Lieutenant Kyle Anders: Security Officer-

Ruvre couldn’t waltz. But she managed to pick up enough from her partner to muddle through, carried by nothing more than sheer will. Soft laughter and playfully bemused expressions guided her through the song. Her gaze never waved. (Except to ensure she wasn’t trampling over his toes.) When the music tapered to a close, leaving an echo of its prime wafting through the air, Viasse glanced up at him with a Cheshire grin.

Without a word, she carried herself to her tiptoes and pressed a chaste kiss to his cheek. “You’ll have to teach me how you do that,” she pulled away to gesture to his feet, “that wasn’t a waltz; that was magic.”

– NDr. Viasse

“Well,” Kyle said, “You’re not bad for a first timer.” He winked and leaned in, trying to give the impression that he was going in to return the kiss, just not on the cheek. Kyle felt an unexpected, yet at the same time warm feeling rise up from his stomach. Ruvre was beautiful, but he didn’t want to scare her off by moving too fast. He stopped just shy of going for the kiss, as if trying to gage her reaction before moving any further.

-Lieutenant Kyle Anders: Security Officer-

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