Ooc: New Crew Alert

Posted June 20, 2021, 12:17 p.m. by Lieutenant Kyle Anders (Security Officer) (Kieron Hoult)

Posted by Audrey II (Plant/Philosopher/Groovy Chick) in Ooc: New Crew Alert

Posted by Captain Willow Taylor (Commanding Officer) in Ooc: New Crew Alert
Hey guys!

So unfortunately as many of you have no doubt noticed our wonderful CoP had to step down.

However we have managed to find a very awesome replacement, please welcome back to the owie they very amazing Harley who joins us with an amazing character concept which I am really looking forward to seeing play out!

Harley, welcome back. Your welcome pack will be with you by the time you reach your quarters! (We are quick these days with those) Please don’t teach the AI how to play card games and don’t feed the talking mutant plant in the arboretum.


Was I summoned? Why hello there, fresh meat! You can come by the arboretum any time you want, I just enjoy tasty insects.

Audrey II

PS Welcome back Harley


Welcome back Harley!


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