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“Yes…what colour are the napkins in the lounge?” She asked, both her eyebrows raised. She waited expectantly.

“Depends on what day it is.” Kane said with a grin.

Then with a smile she said “Right, well versed. Got it. So have you given any thought on what area of the ship you would like to work seeing as you’ve had time to consider any and every area.”

Willow Taylor

Kane grew serious, not a real task for him, and he said “Well, if I had my preference I’d be in the Emergency Room. But that will be more than a little problematic when I get my leash yanked and have to run errands for the Black and Gray Fascists. And I would hate leaving them short handed, that no way to run an ER. So it would have to be somewhere I can help, but that I won’t be missed if I end up gone for a bit.” and he looked back and forth between the two women.

“So it’s not on the specs, but I actually did have a thought. What if I was to handle some kind of Research and Development lab? It would give the both of you some added flexibility with regards to what you need me to do, excuse any absence as some kind of ‘fact-finding’ trip or conference or some crap like that, and I would probably be able to whip up some things that might help out in addition to trying to figure out any unknown stuff we find along the way. I’d just need a few folks to help out. Maybe two Medical with lab specialty, two Science with a good cross-section of knowledge, and an Engineer or two for fabrication and schematic design. We could use one of the General Purpose labs. And in a pinch, you have a dedicated lab to handle emergency overflow. Either that, or I man the Tactical Station and you hope I’m here when someone needs shooting. Other than that, I’m open to ideas.”


Myqian nodded slowly. “We have plenty of cross-purpose lab space, especially medically minded labs. I think that’s a reasonable request we can accommodate. But since you are of the emergency med, ilk, there’s no reason why you can’t do time in Sickbay or at least be doing regular upkeep as a medic. However you prefer that to work. We’ve got a large medical department, so we’re not lacking in any specific area. But it’s good to keep your skills honed.”

Commander Myqian, XO

“I’m sure we can accommodate you in one or more of the medical suites. And the lab is not an issue. However, I’m not running a version of Frankenstein’s labs so no weird experimentation.” Willow said sternly. “I’m still trying to explain the sentient socks to command.” She shook her head.

Willow Taylor

Kane looked confused for a moment, but then just shook his head and said “Uh… right. I was actually thinking first of a remote holographic interface for surgery suites. It would allow remote operation of the suite from anywhere with a stable subspace comm signal. Your Surgery Chief could operate from orbit on a person planetside. Keeps the risk of infection at a minimum, and they could move from one patient to the next without leaving the control panel. Switch comm, switch patient. After that, I have an idea for some mobile triage tools. Sentient socks are after the self-replicating sweater vest.”

Kane, R&D

“The entire ship is already set -up with holographic systems, so shouldn’t be too much to adapt to that. We’d have to do a whole risk assessment and mitigation before we could put it into practice but it all sounds promising. But you can keep the socks,” Dira said with a small grin.

Commander Myqian, XO

With a smile Willow said “Sounds like a plan. We can get you set up with some space and you can draft a proposal and a demo. Sound good?”

Willow Taylor

“Sounds better than what I’ve heard the past couple’a years, thats for sure.” and he stood up and walked to the door, stopping just before he activated it. Turning, he looked at the two women and said “I know I’m a wrench in the gears. But just remember that this was never my idea. I didn’t ask for this… but I’ll try to make it work and not be too much of a pain in the a$$.” and he turned and walked out the door.

Kane, R&D

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