USS Calypso, 2394- When Things Go Awry

Posted June 21, 2021, 2:58 p.m. by Commander Dira Myqian (Executive Officer) (Lindsay Bayes)

Posted by Lieutenant Robert Mason (Chief Engineer) in USS Calypso, 2394- When Things Go Awry

Posted by Commander Dira Myqian (Executive Officer) in USS Calypso, 2394- When Things Go Awry


Splayed across the console in front of her, the voice filtered through her mind and Dira pushed herself upward. But there was no spinning and her vision was normal. Good, no concussion. She touched a sore spot on her forehead and there was a small cut intersecting the bulge over her right brow. “Yeah, I’m okay,” she said as she took in the scene. More cursing in her mind and oh how she wanted to let it out aloud! But she didn’t. However, there was no mistaking the distinct anger in her eyes.

“Are you alright?” she asked Mason.

“Yep,” Bob said simply.

“How’s the commander?” Myqian called over to Ramirez.

“A concussion that we’ll need to keep an eye on, but he’ll be okay. I’m just about to wake him,” she said as she injected something into his neck.

Something resembling a groan came from Commander Frank’s mouth.

As Dira took in the crack in the viewscreen she realized something rather important: their way off this rock before it fell into the gas giant just crashed. “I’m going to send a distress call back to the Calypso. Mason, check out the shuttle. We need to know if it has any chance of flying asap. There are still people down here who need help. And I’d like to know how we’re getting of this asteroid.”

Lt. Cmdr Myqian, CNS

“Yeah, already did a bit,” Mason said. “The good news is that crack is mostly superficial, and was caused by insecure equipment flying forward during the crash. Equipment that wasn’t secure because nobody announced any acrobatics.” The equipment in question was actually Bob’s EVA suit helmet; he neglected to provide that detail or point out that it had actually bounced off of the viewscreen and into Commander Franks’ head. Bob had already reclaimed it.

Dia paused as she entered commands into the console and turned her head back to meet Mason’s gaze. His expression was confirmed by what she was picking up from him. Yep, he was as pissed off as she was. Well, at least she wasn’t overreacting.

“The bad news is that we actually hit the ground at an awkward angle before settling into our current position, and now the bow thrusters don’t seem to be operative. We have the power to take off but we might not be able to do it in the correct orientation or to maneuver fully once we do. Thankfully, we did manage to land in a clearing, so we should still be able to clear the surface. To be safe though we’re probably going to need Calypso to tractor us back into the shuttle bay.”

“They won’t be able to get in close enough due to the interference. They’ll have to send a shuttle,” Myqian said with a huff. The whole thing was ridiculous and now they were eating up precious time trying to secure a way off this rock before.... no, she wasn’t going to focus on that possible outcome.

“Mhhhhhgh,” came a noise from the Commander at the pilot’s position.

“We’re not letting him fly anymore, right?” Bob asked somewhat indelicately. “Doctor?”

– Lieutenant (j.g.) Robert Mason, Engineer and Creepy William the Calypso XO

Rodriguez shook her head. “We need to keep him awake for a bit and I’ll need to reassess his vitals from time to time, but he’s not flying again today for sure.”

Dira finished her task and carefully rose from her seat, a brief wash of vertigo making her sway. But it quickly went away. However the doctor definitely noticed and was sweeping a tricorder over her immediately. “No concussion, but sit back down a second and let me take care of that cut.”

She huffed a little but Dira did as she was told. All the while her dark eyes were fixed on Franks with something of a venomous gaze. Tricorders out there are going to be a bit useless at times. “We’ll stick with the original plan. I can still sense the miners so I know they’re still alive. We’re going to have to get to them as quickly as we can. Any extra considerations?” she said, watching William wake up more. Undoubtedly he’d jump back into the fray as if nothing happened. She had him pegged a long time ago and he wasn’t big on making personal change.

Lt. Cmdr Myqian, CNS

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