The Arrival

Posted June 24, 2021, 11:25 a.m. by Civilian Rollin (Chief of Psychiatry) (H Levi Smiley)

The shuttle began its approach and through a porthole, a bald person, wearing long flowing robes of white which seemed to float on the air around them could be seen. When they moved and walked the material floated and twirled around them. On their feet, they wore sandals made from ropes of golden twine. Every finger had at least one gold ring on it, displaying several brightly colored rare gemstones. Their eyes were lined in black and their lips glistened. The smirk of mischief and the twinkle in their eyes, though tempered over the years, could never be completely extinguished. And while they were going to take their new career as Chief of Psychiatry on the magnificent new USS Ogawa seriously, they couldn’t promise that they weren’t going to have a ton of fun while doing so.

Docked inside the bay, Rollin floated down the ramp of the shuttle. They sat down their large gray hard-cased duffel. “Ah!” they breathed, a wide smile on their face. “Daddy’s home!” They looked around at the nearly empty shuttle bay. Not quite the welcome they had dreamed about, but rarely did anything live up to the Deltan’s fantasies. They spun and did a few pirouettes in the bay, their white chiffon robes spinning in a whirlpool around them. Laughing and giggling they pranced. Rollin could make a celebration out of any circumstance. They considered it their super-power.

=/\=Hello computer,=/\= they said, tapping the nearest panel. =/\=Could you please be so kind as to identify the whereabouts of Captain Willow Taylor.=/\= Rollin loved the named Willow. To them, it sounded very bohemian.

-Rollin, CoP

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