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Turning from Bonner he smiled at Petrakos, a large toothy grin, “Ah! The chief! Now we can begin. Your interviews have been scheduled with Preem in the cargo bay unless you want to finish them here and now, I have time, but we need some action footage of science. I have plenty of Bonner but now I want to see the two of you together. Mentor her, check her results, do something interesting!”

GM Wombat

Alexis looked at Petrakos obviously bewildered by the strange man. She really needed to get back to work.
Lt Bonner

GM Wombat

The doors to the Lab opened and a tall man with wild hair falling across his face and tattoos on every bit of skin visible save for his face walked in. Muscled and with air of hostility, he walked up to the gathering and pushed the diminutive Golfik gently, but not so gently, aside as if he were a piece of furniture. “Hey Bonner. You were supposed to be in R&D almost an hour ago. Borchek is gonna eat the tritanium slips if you don’t get your butt down there and help him. And I need the specs for the tension threshold analysis on the-” and he shot a glance at Golfik and looked back at Alexis and said “- thing with the thing and the lights for the guy. So go already, will ya?”

Kane, R&D

“He better not! Took me…” She stopped herself reigning in her litany. “Sorry, Lt. Kane. I had this mandatory interview with Mr. Golfink.” She turned to look at Petrakos. Golfink said he wanted footage, “A weeks work will be lost, Lt. if Borchek messes those slips up.” She could come back after the other interviews.
Lt Bonner, Med research

Achilleas looked from the short man to the new arrival. This situation was a little confusing now. He looked back at Alexis with a quizzical look for a moment before turning back to Golfink. “I think doing this in the cargo bay would be better than here. I don’t want to needlessly distract my staff from their work. You mentioned something about an Ensign too, should I comm Iyun and have her meet us there?”

CSO Petrakos

Golfink rolled his eyes at what he perceived was a ploy by the interloper and Bonner to get out of having to talk with him. “Fine fine go do science! I am about to order something you all will very much dislike! Very much indeed!”

Alexis had that heavy feeling in her stomach that she’d missed something important in her bid to get work done. She glanced from Petrakos to Kane trying to figure out what she’d missed. She’d answered the man’s questions. She’d been honest and truthful. She wasn’t sure what the little man was so worked up over. But that’s why they put her away in a lab. Really why did they want him to talk to her? Golfink couldn’t exactly dismiss her either. Petrakos had to do that and it seemed that he had with saying he didn’t want to distract the staff. Well she guessed Kane could as well since she was assigned to work under him as well. She was also ordered to answer the man’s questions. This was a social situation that was rapidly becoming something Alexis didn’t know how to handle. “Mr. Golfink do you have more questions for me?” Her mind alighted on an idea, “It will take me an hour to finish in the R&D lab. You will be done with the other interviews then? You want footage, yes? You want to see what we are working on? Or have I misunderstood? I will be back in an hour, and I will show you something I have been working on.” Then she hurried out of the science lab and towards R&D before Borchek ruined a weeks worth of work.

He turned back to Petrakos, “If she would like to come here I need to see you all doing something. So far all I have is a mouthy lieutenant and… whatever this things is.” He motioned to Kane, “The pips say he is important, the look says housekeeping. Anyway… However you want to proceed. I wouldn’t want to be on the list though.”

GM Wombat

“Yep… that’s me. Housekeeping. Keep it up and I’ll take the trash out.” and he winked at Golfink before turning to Bonner and Petrakos. “Look, I dunno what moron put these idiots with cameras on the ship, but we do have work to do. I can keep my lab in check for a bit longer if you two need need to deal with Joey Bag o’ Donuts here -” and he jerked a thumb at Golfink, “- but I need Bonner in R&D asap.” and he looked at Petrakos and a small glint came into his eye. “You might wanna come too, now that I think of it. I have something you might want to put eyes on before we move into testing. If you can tear yourself away.”

Kane, R&D

The man arched his eyesbrows, “Idiot?! I have you know I am an arteest! I am sector renowed! Your top brass begged me to deal with your petulant banality! I am here doing you all a favor!”

He darted his eyes back and forth among the various scientists before he started to chuckle softly. “You… You don’t know do you? Oh my prophets!” the chuckle started to become a laugh before he buckled over holding his stomach, “You… Hah! Oh your XO is in so much trouble, not with me mind you, but for some of the sharpest supposed inquisitive minds.... Hah!”

GM Wombat

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