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Dira didn’t feel it necessary to correct him, since technically she did hold a medical degree and was able to slip in to help in an emergency without difficulty. She wasn’t going to be jumping into surgery anytime soon though. Not her area at all. “Being away doesn’t bother me, at least not anymore. I’m very used to it at this point. My family is used to my being away too, but I do try to get back to Vega when I can,” she said with a smile.

“As for my first thoughts? Well, I guess the main one was ‘Am I ready?’” Myqian shrugged. “You can never know for sure but it’s not until you take that next leap that you find out if it’s going to work out. And sometimes it doesn’t… at first. Everyone needs a transition period, especially when you make a large career shift.”

Preem paused as she jotted down more notes, “Ok yes, very good, very good.” She looked back up, “I miss home, if I am honest, but that is just me. I hate being this far out away from everything but,” She slipped into a passable Golfink impersonation, “We have to go where the action is!”

Laughing she added, “anyway… since you have been here what was your most impressive moment with the crew, something that either moved you to tears, made you laugh, proud. Any sort of strong emotion.”

Dira considered this and it wasn’t a hard moment to conjure. She smiled softly. “When I first arrived at Starbase after the previous Ogawa had been badly damaged, my first glimpse of that crew was at a promotions ceremony. it was before they new ship came t light so it was the smaller old crew and just slipped into the back and watched them interact. And the thing that struck me was the warmth in the room and the pride they all had for each other’s accomplishments. I think I knew in that moment I was excatly where I needed to be.”

Commander Myqian, XO

Preem smiled softly and then nodded in understanding. “That sounds wonderful. A big family then? Truly a caring crew. We can work with that. I assume then that this feels like… home to you then? If yes do you feel this crew can, well, export that warm safety to the Federation, her allies, and maybe even her enemies?”


One eyebrow raised, her expression clearly sceptical, Aizala replied, “I am. A member of the crew, I mean. But I’m certainly not a star. Nor shy. I’m a doctor. I don’t care about fame or being in a documentary or anything like that. All I care about is taking care of people. Saving lives. And I most certainly don’t want my story told unless it’s purely about medicine.”

~Lt. Tija, Doctor

The stylist shrugged, “I am just a stylist. I get to make people look nice on camera not ask them their life story.” She giggled slightly and shook her head, “Anyway, Golfink is a…” she paused frowning a moment, then continued, “Well, he is complicated. Some call it demanding, some call it genius. Most all agree that he is difficult to work with but that is why he has Preem, and the others. People don’t like him, but he doesn’t really care. He is like you that way, I suppose. His patient is his art.” She shrugged again watching the interview from afar before taking a bite of danish, “Love him or hate him, he gets what he wants. One way or another.”

GM Wombat

Aizala felt a bit of unease creep up on her as she listened to the stylist. And yet she stayed and asked, “If he is difficult to work with, why are you working for him? Why is anyone working for him?” There was no judgement in her voice, just confusion and curiosity.

~Lt. Tija, Doctor

“Mm, that is a good question sugar,” the stylist said before taking another big bite of danish and munching on it deep in thought before offering to Tija, “I don’t rightly know. I suppose it is easiest to say he is a good person in his soul. If you need something he will give it to you, he can be giving and demanding at the same time if he makes sense.”

She paused, silence settling over her before a wry grin spread across her lips, “And he is such a, what is the phrase, train wreck? You don’t want to watch but you can’t look away.”

GM Wombat

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