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Posted June 23, 2021, 8:17 p.m. by Gamemaster Wombat (Gamemaster) (Geoff Joosten)

Posted by Lieutenant Kyle Anders (Security Officer) in Main Sim - Security Office

Posted by Gamemaster Wombat (Gamemaster) in Main Sim - Security Office
Boris and Svetlana made their way to the security office with a large box between the two of them and stopped outside. Looking around, Boris cleared his throat while Svetlana filmed, but there were no questions just standing there, looking very much like they wanted to file a report.

GM Wombat

Lieutenant Kyle Anders stepped out of the turbolift and made his way to report in after another stint on patrol duty, but stopped for a second when he noticed the two figures standing in the doorway, “Can I help at all?”

-Lieutenant Kyle Anders: Security Officer-

“Maybe,” the blonde man asked before thrusting a PaDD at the Lieutenant, “Please sign. It authorizes filming in public areas by…” He glanced to his sister then back to Anders, “fungible camera operators.”

GM Wombat

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