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Oscar thought for a second. “Honestly, though, if you want to really see the biggest difference between the Nightingale-class and other Starfleet vessels, you’re going to need an external view. Can that gear record holographic projections, or do your filters do something funny with artificial environments?”

Oscar Cascarrabias, Engineering

Sena thought for a moment as she furiously started to keep notes documenting everything Oscar said as if he was the sole authority on engineering specifications. She looked as if he could tell her that the entire ship was EMHs and she would believe him. “Oh… well I am not sure. Do you have external footage? Like a repair drone flying over the hull in something dramatic?” She waved her hand, “Oh if I can bring that back… I would be so in good with the boss. He is a real artist you know. Demanding but… artistic.”

GM Wombat

“You know it’s quite funny you mention that,” Lieutenant Mason said in a helpful tone from somewhere behind Sena. He passed behind her, and then stood in front of her off to the side, so that the three of them would form a closed group.

“I’ve just come from a briefing where I made a very similar suggestion to the Captain. If you have good enough recording equipment, I was thinking it would be very dramatic for you to capture an exterior shot of Ogawa as it jumped to warp. It might take some effort to coordinate but if your equipment is good, it would look spectacular. Like, rising trumpet fanfare type stuff. Especially with that whole nacelle geometry thing we’ve got going on. But we’d have to plan that very carefully, of course, depending on how you planned on recording it. Exactly what kind of recording equipment did you bring on board?”

Bob said this all in the same neutral, trying-to-be-helpful tone throughout, just like he did in the briefing room. Even though everyone in the briefing room knew right away what the real point of the suggestion was, nobody actually expressed disapproval of the plan or ordered him not to try it…

– Robert Mason, CE

Oscar suppressed a grin, because that would give away the game, as someone he knew from the Academy had put it. He wasn’t going to suggest what the Lieutenant had just suggested solely because it was outside of the noncom’s window of authority. Cascarrabias’ plan had been to take the female to a holodeck and create a holographic model of the Ogawa to show off, while making it clear that the actual footage was probably ridiculously classified, since it would have to come from the escort vessel (or vessels; the Grouch hadn’t really bothered with the logistics of post-Mars-86 vessel transport unless he was on the ship being transported) assigned to the Ogawa.

On the one hand, Oscar wouldn’t be able to rub his security clearance in the camera woman’s nose. On the other, Mason had just made a suggestion that, on the surface, seemed entirely on the up-and-up; the suggestion, on further analysis, was going to make the camera crew very unhappy, but also get them out of everyone’s hair. In the case of a few Tellarite crew members, that was saying something. Oscar decided to play in to it, but he wasn’t sure how he could do it without letting Sena aware of the skullduggery.

“Well, fine, Lieutenant Mason,” Oscar said. “If you’re going to insist on giving them genuine footage of the Ogawa’s warp process, go ahead and steal my thunder. I thought that a holographic recreation would be fine, but sure, anything for the sake of truth in journalism.”

Oscar Cascarrabias

“That’s probably the best option if their recording equipment is unavailable, Chief,” Bob said approvingly. It actually was a very good idea, one that was probably more constructive and useful toward the actual goals of this mission the naughty scheme that Bob had improvised a few minutes ago.

Poor Sena had no clue what was going on between the engineers but started to stammer and rub the back of her neck, “I, well, you see, I am not exactly, authorized to have access to that kind of equipment… you know. Expensive and…” She blushed furiously, “I mean if I could get my hands on a big camera could… could you take me out in a shuttle to record it?”

GM Wombat

Drat, Bob thought for a moment as the word “authorized” came out of Sena’s mouth. Though there could still be a way…

“Something like that, yes,” he said quickly. Escape pods were something like shuttles, certainly. “I’d probably need to coordinate that slightly with some of the other senior officers. The main thing though, is that the recording equipment would have to be calibrated in order to capture the images well through the viewport of the spacecraft. Any old ‘big camera’ wouldn’t quite work on its own; we’d need an operator who has trained with it. You don’t have anyone like that in your group?”

– Robert Mason, CE

Sena stammered quietly, her low standing starting to show through. “The Vulcans might be able to do it,” she offered tentitively, “but they are picky about these sorts of things and very busy.”

GM Wombat

“Well there we have it!” Oscar said. “We can make sure that everyone gets their interviews handled, get the crew to do some filming independently, and the Vulcans will have all the time in the world to do that shot.”

Oscar was spinning a yarn tighter than a shepherd with a stick, but hopefully Sena wouldn’t catch that the yarn he was spinning was also making a net. It helped Oscar’s ego that he had also invented a way for the entire Ogawa crew to suffer - if his plan was received.

Bob could tell there was a net being formed, but he was somewhat less sanguine about the part where the entire crew suffered if the net ended up having a hole in it. He wasn’t entirely sure how big a hole there would be if “the Vulcans” didn’t include everyone they wanted to get rid of. Of course, he didn’t think about it in these terms, because he had no idea that Oscar was using this metaphor.

“If you could manage it, you could see if the station can spare the shuttles. They owe me for giving them the base for the cure for the mad mushrooms.”

Oscar Cascarrabias

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“Yeah, we could probably ask them for that,” Bob said, agreeing outwardly but being inwardly skeptical. Though the advantage of having the station provide a shuttle, instead of Bob’s original thought of ejecting an escape pod, was that they would not be required to come back and recover the craft. All they would have to do is outrun it. Something that the New Ogawa could do… though he’d probably have to talk to the Captain or someone on the Bridge about it.

– Robert Mason, CE

Sena paused for a moment then looked between the engineers, then nodded softly, “Right well… Can we get some more internal footage while I am here? One or both of you would like to sit for your interview?”

GM Wombat

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