A Long Overdue Chat (TAG Psych)

Posted July 21, 2021, 12:54 p.m. by Lieutenant Kyle Anders (Security Officer) (Kieron Hoult)

Posted by Ensign Dr. Mariah Lee Grayson (Psychiatrist) in A Long Overdue Chat (TAG Psych)

Posted by Lieutenant Kyle Anders (Security Officer) in A Long Overdue Chat (TAG Psych)

Posted by Ensign Dr. Mariah Lee Grayson (Psychiatrist) in A Long Overdue Chat (TAG Psych)
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It had been about three weeks since Lieutenant Kyle Anders had first come aboard the USS Ogawa, and he found he was settling in nicely. With a significant crew change over in the past few days, Kyle had been unable to check in with one of the Ogawa‘s newest psychiatrists, Doctor Mariah Grayson. Anders didn’t know much about the Psych creew on board, so was eager to learn all that he could while at the same time making sure that he was still ok to perform his duties as the regular on duty Security Officer. So, after a quick check in at the Security Office to clock out of his most recent stint on patrol, Kyle checked his uniform in the mirror and made his way up to the Psychiatry Suite on Deck 7. When he arrived, he noticed a receptionist manning a desk behind the set of double entrance doors and jogged up with a grin, “Afternoon, Lieutenant Kyle Anders, here to see Counsellor Grayson?”

-Lieutenant Kyle Anders: Security Officer-

The young human female Ensign offered a polite smile. “I will tell Dr. Grayson you are here. She’s been expecting you.”

Indeed, Mariah had been expecting the young security officer and was intrigued when she found his name on her schedule. As a matter of routine, she had made a point to familiarize herself with most of the crew’s profiles, and although young, Anders certainly had an interesting background. From what she had gathered through the Grapevine, Kyle had also made his mark amongst the crew.

The double doors hissed open and the psychiatrist emerged, offering her own polite smile. “Hello. I’m Dr. Mariah Grayson. Care to follow me back to my office? I think it will be a bit more comfortable there.”

~Dr. Mariah Grayson, Psychiatrist

“Certainly Doc,” Kyle said with a smile, “Lieutenant Kyle Anders,” he’d extended a hand.

-Lieutenant Kyle Anders: Security Officer-

Mariah accepted his handshake with a firm one of her own. It didn’t take long for her to lead him into her office and as she gestured for him to take a seat in any one of the available chairs in her reception area, she asked, “May I get you something from the replicator?” As Grayson waited for his answer, she wondered how this meeting was going to go. In her experience, people could be quite reluctant and resistant, or at least open to building rapport with her as a first step. She expected as a security officer, Anderson could have significant trauma that perhaps wasn’t even all in his file.

~Dr. Mariah Grayson, Psychiatrist

“Just a cappuchino would be lovely,” Anders replied with a smile, “Busy day so far?”

-Lieutenant Kyle Anders: Security Officer-

Mariah headed to the replicator and made the order easily enough. As she waited for his cappuccino to materialize, she turned address his question. “I keep quite busy,” she answered with a nod. “On a medical vessel, there is no shortage of emotional needs to address. How about you? Is working as a security officer aboard a medical vessel what you expected?”

~Doctor Mariah Grayson, Psychiatrist

Kyle chuckled, “Well, considering my brief stint as Chief on board the Challenger, it certainly has proved to be a lot quieter, though I must admit, I do feel like I’m missing out on opportunities to get my hands dirty.”

-Lieutenant Kyle Anders: Security Officer-

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