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The helm turned to the deck officer over his shoulder and mentioned, “We are about to drop from warp, ETA to orbit around Unroth III T minus 20 minutes and counting.” With crisp precision he turned back to his control panel and monitored the situation.

“Alright everyone, look alive. We’re on now. I want scans as we enter the system to minimize surprises,” Myqian said, rising from the centre seat. She tapped the internal comm button on the arm of the chair. =/\=Bridge to all crew, we’re approaching Unroth. All departments report readiness. Medical on Standby. Captain Taylor to the bridge.”

=/\=Medical standing by, Commander,=/\= Brad replied moments later. They’d finally gotten all of the new crew physicals done, and ironed out most of the kinks in figuring out how all the new equipment worked, they were ready for almost anything.

A few minutes later Ops reported an incoming transmission from the planet.

GM Wombat

“Play transmission,” Dira said.

Commander Myqian, XO

Cmdr. Dr. Brad Walker
Chief of Staff

Just before the transmission played Willow stride into the bridge. She looked around. “Show time then people.” She said with a smile at Dira as she stood beside the XO.

Willow Taylor

A middle aged Romulan man appeared on screen with a small smile. “Ogawa. I am Chairman Dikeel. I am glad you have been able to make it, we are… Running low on medical supplies. It was very generous of the Federation to send you.”

Helm reported back that there was no unusual activity in scanner range. Small craft coming and going but nothing large or threatening.

GM Wombat

Willow took a breath and then responded. “Chairman Dikeel, I am Captain Willow Taylor. The Ogawa is happy to assist, we have supplies for you. I will have a list transmitted to you immediately. If there is anything further you require not accounted for, I’m sure we will be able to accommodate you.”

She turned her head to nods to the NE at the comm to send the information.

Willow Taylor

The bridge wasn’t typically the place for a medical student but in the terms she’d agreed with the Captain, Octavia had also agreed to be somewhat of a Captains aide. She wasn’t entirely aware of the situation when she first stepped onto the bridge but she was welcomed and even given a little area to work i, she almost didn’t realise it was ‘her’ the captain had nodded at and she almost jumped. Taking a breath in Octavia resisted the training she’d received in operating the LCARS systems and sent the information.

  • Octavia Raain, Med Student

Meanwhile, Dira was studying the Chairman. She was hoping to get a better idea of the situation on the surface before anyone set foot there, but for the moment she let Taylor handle things.

Commander Myqian, XO

Willow suppressed a smile as she caught Octavia following her orders. She waited for the chairman to either confirm or request more goods. Then they could discuss the situation on the surface and how said supplies would be safely delivered.

Willow Taylor

The chairman waited a moment then someone off screen handed him some sort of tablet. Carefully he ran through the list looking more like a teacher taking roll, than an acting planetary governor. After a minute or so he nodded and then looked back to the monitor, and by extension the Ogawa, “This will suffice, or at least get us one more step towards self sufficiency. I am transmitting the coordinates to the stockpile now. Will you be beaming them down or using shuttles?”

For Dira’s part he looked and felt like a kindly old man, or Romulan rather. As kindly and easy to read as Romulans ever are, that is. His motives seemed genuine however, Romulans such as they are, are known for their tricky nature so it wasn’t outside the realm of possibility that he was hiding something from the Ogawa.

A few minutes later, Ops received the coordinates, a landing pad outside the town some distance, near the entrance to an underground tunnel.

GM Wombat

Already Zoi’s mind started working on strategies to keep the supplies safe during delivery either. Beaming the supplies would require a group of security individuals to make sure the items were distributed fairly. Shuttles required another security person for the shuttle itself. She didn’t trust Romulans as a rule. They often kept things secret that could endanger others. So, she waited for the terms to be settled.

Haven, CoS


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